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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
08:18 Sat Jul 21 Unfortunately a few things are different in TKLDev v15.0 Sandbox make 'error'
00:57 Sat Jul 21 TurnKey PDE with LXC and LXD versions 3.x TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
17:12 Fri Jul 20 very nice TurnKey v15.0 RC1 is LIVE!
17:15 Thu Jul 19 Fan mail How to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7 with TKL WordPress?
09:51 Wed Jul 18 Good point Git tip: how to merge multiple projects into one big repository
09:10 Wed Jul 18 Typo or wrong content Git tip: how to merge multiple projects into one big repository
07:35 Sun Jul 15 Thanks for the feedback Jon AWS Canada (Central) Region
12:19 Fri Jul 13 More Regions AWS Canada (Central) Region
05:34 Thu Jul 12 You're Basically Correct Reverse Proxy Appliance
00:53 Thu Jul 12 I think that'd be a great idea John Reverse Proxy Appliance
23:12 Wed Jul 11 Thanks for your understanding. :) repository invalid signature
22:39 Wed Jul 11 Hello Jerremy!  repository invalid signature
04:10 Wed Jul 11 I'm not sure what versions of PHP vTiger 5.4 is compatible with Guidance for updating from Vtiger, TurnKey Linux 12.0 / Debian 6.0.5 Squeeze
02:13 Wed Jul 11 You say TurnKey v13.0 / Debian Stretch, but have Wheezy repos?! repository invalid signature
04:29 Tue Jul 10 Thank you for the detailed add OpenVPN to existing TKL fileserver?
01:18 Tue Jul 10 nike magista pas cher Drupal Turnkey Appliance
10:37 Mon Jul 9 nike air force one mid femme Cannot access list of users and groups in Active Directory
07:41 Sat Jul 7 v15.0 Odoo app will have v11 Odoo v14.2 - What should be next?
07:37 Sat Jul 7 TBH, Redmine (or Ruby apps in general) are not my speciality... Upgrade from really old version
06:53 Sat Jul 7 Thanks for posting back with additional info. Wordpress not installing in Hyper-V