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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
03:18 Thu Jan 3 Hi there Does anyone know what are turnkey creative solutions in video production?
03:11 Thu Jan 3 Possibly the easiest between Linux is SSHFS Looking for a little guidance w/ trunkey fileserver and plex, and trunkey and win 10 sharing
02:37 Thu Jan 3 Hi, please use English TURNKEY FILESERVER+ JOOMLA
17:17 Wed Jan 2 you are welcome! Hello everyone
11:53 Wed Jan 2 Nginx Proxy Install Docker Nginx Appliance
10:22 Sun Dec 30 Hello, i found this solution: How can i enable mod_rewrite on TurnkeyLamp 15.1
14:58 Sat Dec 29 Turkney linux odoo V 9 iso Odoo v14.2 - What should be next?
11:52 Wed Dec 26 Hello 10 Spare computers, how to put them use
12:25 Tue Dec 25 In my Seafile docker start Install Docker Nginx Appliance
12:21 Tue Dec 25 You can set phpList to remove Remote Powered by turnkey + phplist
07:26 Mon Dec 24 You can export / import rfom the old to the new VM TKL GitLab: Downloading archive is broken
06:42 Mon Dec 24 Omnibus is the prefrerred TKL GitLab: Downloading archive is broken
01:32 Mon Dec 24 Unless you enjoy mucking with GitLab, I suggest alternate path TKL GitLab: Downloading archive is broken
01:26 Mon Dec 24 Consider using TKLXCore + GitLab Omnibus Upgrading Gitlab
01:15 Mon Dec 24 See my comment in your other post... Turnkey Linux / Bitnami, anyone using them in production?
01:13 Mon Dec 24 See my comment in your other post... Is TurnKey Linux safe for production?
01:12 Mon Dec 24 I have run TKLX VMs in production for 6 years What are your experiences with Turnkey Linux Appliances
22:22 Sun Dec 23 Comments understood and somewhat shared... (but ssl does work) New Community Built Appliance: TurnKey Odoo
00:29 Sun Dec 23 Hi, Jeremy, MySQL Workbench connection problem
12:05 Sat Dec 22 We have literally thousands Is TurnKey Linux safe for production?