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11:10 Sun Jan 31 Thanks for the update. Converting a virtual disk image: VDI to VMDK to a raw loopback file you can mount
20:19 Sun Jan 31 all working Mantis Restore/Migrate fails // sql-user mantis wrong password
23:51 Sun Jan 31 Have you made any changes to the sources.list? cannot run apt-get update
23:58 Sun Jan 31 Seems like a bug Canvas LMS: Box View API in Canvadocs plugin not working.
00:51 Mon Feb 1 AppArmor Issue GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
03:04 Mon Feb 1 I thought I had posted Pligg install works but the admin section does not
03:21 Mon Feb 1 TBH I'm not very familiar with LDAP (OpenLDAP or otherwise) OpenLDAP with Self Service Password reset
03:38 Mon Feb 1 You didn't answer my questions Pligg install works but the admin section does not
03:42 Mon Feb 1 Thanks for posting GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
07:28 Mon Feb 1 Here we are several years later... Curious Proxmox vs. OpenStack
11:02 Mon Feb 1 P.E.B.K.A.C. Plone template LXC
12:42 Mon Feb 1 Great to hear this Chris :)  How To Build Theme In Magento
14:20 Mon Feb 1 Hi Jeremy I did not change cannot run apt-get update
16:24 Mon Feb 1 An other solution could be to Moving old TYPO3 Appliance (TurnKey 12.0) a M1.small instance to a T2.medium on the hub
18:01 Mon Feb 1 java connection? building tomcat standalone from source hangs
18:08 Mon Feb 1 Another workaround Samba updated? and broke root share? Any ideas?
19:06 Mon Feb 1 it would be nice Converting a virtual disk image: VDI or VMDK to an ISO you can distribute
21:10 Mon Feb 1 Thank you Moodle Version
09:20 Tue Feb 2 I'm not sure about others, but I'm still using Proxmox Proxmox vs. OpenStack
09:23 Tue Feb 2 Jeremy, I did read you the Pligg install works but the admin section does not