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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
02:41 Tue May 9 I've disabled the script for newly installed wordpress vm generating secalerts emails
02:05 Tue May 9 Just published the blog post announcement No more MediaWiki ?
02:02 Tue May 9 Hi there, apologies on delayed followup newly installed wordpress vm generating secalerts emails
01:34 Tue May 9 Hi. Any problems? SugarCRM - Business & Social CRM software
01:32 Tue May 9 I'm not particularly familiar with OTRS Cron Jobs missing for otrs :(
01:26 Tue May 9 Hi, probably check the Ubuntu forums? Migrate existing Windows File Server to Linux
01:26 Tue May 9 Should be possible... Installing Cisco VPN client on turnkey linux
01:21 Tue May 9 TurnKey is Debian! Transfering form Turnkey linux to debian
01:10 Tue May 9 Hmm, doesn't sound good... File Server Appliance: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function SambaDAV\ssh2_connect()
14:02 Mon May 8 CKEditor is faster TinyMCE vs CKEditor: battle of titans! (of WYSIWYG editing)
15:33 Fri May 5 Proxmox VE 4.x is great Proxmox vs. OpenStack
12:26 Wed May 3 Sorted!!! postfix setup
11:01 Wed May 3 I sometimes get a bit overexcited! :) How to find more details about the Typo3 LXC?
09:10 Wed May 3 Thanks Jeremy, How to find more details about the Typo3 LXC?
01:41 Wed May 3 I've added you to the "contributor" group "Your hashcash value failed. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser."
01:04 Wed May 3 PHP/MySQL/Apache all come from Debian How to find more details about the Typo3 LXC?
17:56 Tue May 2 Webmin restart WEBMIN error after apt-upgrade
14:19 Tue May 2 Awesome! Standing up for free software, a free Internet and a free society
08:55 Tue May 2 Glad to have you back! :) v14.2 Core Release - Improvements to Confconsole, including easy Let's Encrypt SSL certs
01:38 Tue May 2 We have the newsletter Drupal 8 and Let's Encrypt