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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
22:25 Fri Jan 26 This is TurnKey Linux forums... observium shows strange hostnames
22:08 Fri Jan 26 Perhaps you removed it?! Error Serializing MySQL database to /TKLBAM/myfs
20:04 Fri Jan 26 I don't recall removing that Error Serializing MySQL database to /TKLBAM/myfs
19:55 Fri Jan 26 Ok, I seem to have disabled Error Serializing MySQL database to /TKLBAM/myfs
19:36 Fri Jan 26 I have the exact same issue now trying to restore a server. Error Serializing MySQL database to /TKLBAM/myfs
06:00 Fri Jan 26 Thanks for the correction Adam! Observium Email Setup
02:38 Fri Jan 26 Alerting works, but is very a lot much unsupported. Observium Email Setup
02:23 Fri Jan 26 Community Edition doesn't support email alerts Observium Email Setup
19:58 Thu Jan 25 I am also looking for back tool sugesstion Restore take up all the disk
19:46 Thu Jan 25 I have the same error Domain Controller
04:19 Thu Jan 25 Problem with configuration email Observium Email Setup
02:58 Wed Jan 24 Hey Edgar Gitlab LDAP
14:04 Tue Jan 23 (still) uncaught exception on samba-tool run Domain Controller
09:19 Tue Jan 23 Disregard this post. Gitlab LDAP
09:08 Tue Jan 23 bundle exec rake gitlab:ldap Gitlab LDAP
06:12 Tue Jan 23 Thanks so much Quanah! How to change Ldap server size limit?
05:04 Tue Jan 23 Accessing cn=config How to change Ldap server size limit?
17:32 Mon Jan 22 I looked at those. I think I How to change Ldap server size limit?
15:26 Mon Jan 22 Whilst this it interesting, it's still spam really... Ubuntu gets second update after first one fails to boot
15:23 Mon Jan 22 Thanks for the request ERP NEXT in OVA