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Recent comments

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07:52 Tue May 31 Thanks a lot. I can not delete elastic IPs for amazon EC2 in turnkey hub
05:43 Tue May 31 Sounds like it should be working... Owncloud Port
05:33 Tue May 31 Manually disable the firstboot scripts Reboot Yields "First Boot Configuration"
05:31 Tue May 31 I know what's happening! LXC error getting images
05:16 Tue May 31 I just tested v14.1 LXC with Core & WP containers pts and proc errors running LXC appliance in virtual machine
04:00 Tue May 31 Each new server should create a new backup record Proxmox container - TKLBAM
03:57 Tue May 31 TBH I've never used Webmin for LVM LVM problems
03:50 Tue May 31 Where are you installing? I can't install Turnkey
03:45 Tue May 31 We recently rebuilt GitLab LXC error getting images
03:39 Tue May 31 I haven't checked it lately Not work Appliance Domain to finalize install
03:34 Tue May 31 Weird! TKL cron tasks not running after restore to a new instance
03:32 Tue May 31 Unfortunately you'll need to use the AWS Console I can not delete elastic IPs for amazon EC2 in turnkey hub
03:21 Tue May 31 It should "just work"... Migrating and Upgrading Turnkey Version
18:46 Mon May 30 First Boot Configuration on Reboot Reboot Yields "First Boot Configuration"
17:25 Mon May 30 I need to change port 443 of Owncloud Port
09:22 Mon May 30 Perhaps was a change introduced when they updated Samba SambaDAV not working ver 14
09:20 Mon May 30 I can't help you with Apache tuning Reducing the load on a small VPS by 80% in 5 minutes
05:19 Mon May 30 Hmm, doesn't look ideal... Need help with Mediawiki on Turnkey
02:50 Mon May 30 Great! :) LAMP and Ryan's In/Out Board help
02:49 Mon May 30 I have no idea really LAMP and Ryan's In/Out Board help