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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
16:54 Tue May 30 SAMBA does not start (Winbind?) SAMBA does not start
16:07 Tue May 30 etherpad v14.2 Release Update #1 - 27 more appliances
11:33 Tue May 30 Bump: OSError: [Errno 2] No Error Serializing MySQL database to /TKLBAM/myfs
09:24 Tue May 30 Thanks for Your information v14.2 Core Release - Improvements to Confconsole, including easy Let's Encrypt SSL certs
06:27 Tue May 30 Change /etc/tklbam/hooks.d/fixclock Maddening time server/tklbam issue
16:50 Mon May 29 Oldies, not goodies. TinyMCE vs CKEditor: battle of titans! (of WYSIWYG editing)
09:02 Mon May 29 musical webmin mount network shared
08:47 Sat May 27 Hi John, thanks for the update LXD Image Server?
02:13 Sat May 27 Good luck with it and look forward to hearing how it goes default drivers in TKL
01:55 Sat May 27 Thanks for the suggestions! :) Some Suggestions for New TKLs
23:05 Fri May 26 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Some Suggestions for New TKLs
10:10 Fri May 26 Hi again SugarCRM - Business & Social CRM software
10:08 Fri May 26 Hi John, can you help me with testing? v14.2 Release Update #1 - 27 more appliances
04:05 Fri May 26 Followup on TurnKey images for LXD LXD Image Server?
21:14 Thu May 25 Nagios Some Suggestions for New TKLs
09:54 Thu May 25 Hi Engineer Intro !
14:54 Tue May 23 Service Drupal Rules in a nutshell
12:25 Tue May 23 Turnkey Linux 14.2 WordPress feedback v14.2 Release Update #1 - 27 more appliances
10:30 Tue May 23 will try it default drivers in TKL
09:28 Tue May 23 Install essentially just copies everything from the ISO default drivers in TKL