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Recent comments

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03:53 Tue Apr 26 Hmm I wonder why you had to manually update LXC / Proxmox containers
03:48 Tue Apr 26 Sorry don't quite understand... TurnKey Core - Vulnerability
02:44 Tue Apr 26 SSL Certs in v14.1 LAMP appliance, Apache v14.1 Release - Bugfixes, Maintenance and More
20:37 Mon Apr 25 I´m sorry. It was not the migration to another vserver: no internet connection
20:12 Mon Apr 25 Metal prepped, Proxmox installed Start with virtualization
18:19 Mon Apr 25 Wheezy/OpenVZ support is dying Proxmox moving from openvz to lxc
14:02 Mon Apr 25 Sorry, I got the TKL images LXC / Proxmox containers
13:46 Mon Apr 25 Missing links for LXC LXC / Proxmox containers
06:23 Mon Apr 25 AFAIK not by default LXC appliance and TKLBAM
06:15 Mon Apr 25 IP clash? migration to another vserver: no internet connection
06:10 Mon Apr 25 If you install Proxmox should just work (TM) Start with virtualization
23:35 Sun Apr 24 Problem resolved v14.1 Release - Bugfixes, Maintenance and More
23:26 Sun Apr 24 Canvas TKL 14.1 Appliance - User Profile Picture v14.1 Release - Bugfixes, Maintenance and More
01:37 Sun Apr 24 metal Start with virtualization
10:10 Fri Apr 22 I have in my configurations SAMBA does not start
03:12 Fri Apr 22 One of our devs has checked it out MediaWiki Appliance - Pear mail package is not installed Error
18:44 Thu Apr 21 Thanks Jacob SAMBA does not start
17:26 Thu Apr 21 I agree with everything stated above. TKL WordPress (Latest) on Hyper-V - SLow response and high CPU usage seen in host not in TOP
15:56 Thu Apr 21 Try using remote support Access to virtual server from outside local network
14:18 Thu Apr 21 Sounds like a good plan What is recommended way to schedule backup twice daily?