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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
14:10 Tue Oct 17 Great..!! How To Build Theme In Magento
01:30 Tue Oct 17 I like MariaDB Apache rather than nginx?
00:31 Tue Oct 17 You are probably right! Apache rather than nginx?
00:15 Tue Oct 17 Hi Rick, I'm pretty sure that was a spammer... How to install mod_speling?
10:38 Sun Oct 15 Where? How to install mod_speling?
19:51 Fri Oct 13 I understand you... Apache rather than nginx?
05:11 Fri Oct 13 Hey Yuri! Thanks for your input Apache rather than nginx?
21:46 Thu Oct 12 p.s.2 Apache rather than nginx?
21:00 Thu Oct 12 I can not agree with Jeremy! Apache rather than nginx?
07:16 Thu Oct 12 Unfortunately not Michael :( older Appliance
05:33 Thu Oct 12 Newb questions are good questions! :) Combine TKL containers on one svr
01:13 Wed Oct 11 Awesome! :) How to update NextCloud to the latest version?
01:08 Wed Oct 11 You'll need to ask some OpenLDAP experts openLDAP change hash
01:02 Wed Oct 11 Hi Lisa, sorry for slow response OK to Enable WP_CRON ?
20:22 Tue Oct 10 How to update NextCloud to the latest version_option2 How to update NextCloud to the latest version?
10:27 Fri Oct 6 apt-get install console-locales Keyboard layout HELP!!!!
10:38 Thu Oct 5 TKLBAM works really well in some scenarios... TKLBAM Restore phenomenon
03:35 Thu Oct 5 For sure... How to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7 with TKL WordPress?
16:33 Wed Oct 4 When the time comes to upgrade How to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7 with TKL WordPress?
14:55 Wed Oct 4 echo | pecl install yaz A newbie stuck with a firstboot script problem building a new appliance