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00:45 Wed Nov 18 No need to double post... Basic configuration for multiple server LAMP stack
00:43 Wed Nov 18 Currently there is no "easy" way... Is there a way to tie multiple apps together?
00:22 Wed Nov 18 Thanks for posting Dale TKL Trac 14 appliance: no response on default http and https
00:16 Wed Nov 18 This is the forums of TurnKey Linux Multiple server lamp stack integration
00:04 Wed Nov 18 Did you run apt-get update first? HTTP extension in PHP
23:41 Tue Nov 17 Perhaps upgrade? AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
23:33 Tue Nov 17 Perhaps try to manually do a DB dump tklbam-backup mysql error
23:18 Tue Nov 17 Hmmm, sounds weird TKLBAM: "Restore to new cloud server" does not work
19:17 Tue Nov 17 Lucene API bug, disabling search sort until we switch to solr sorting of search results on turnkeylinux.org website broken?
11:09 Tue Nov 17 Hi, I also have one of these TurnKey FileServer suddenly stops the wired network interface
01:26 Tue Nov 17 FWIW it was a broken inithook Redmine on Turnkey v14 not working: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
18:48 Mon Nov 16 Same issue for OTRS--SSL cert prevents Apache from starting TKL Trac 14 appliance: no response on default http and https
18:09 Mon Nov 16 A little more info. I get HTTP extension in PHP
16:16 Mon Nov 16 HTTP extension in PHP HTTP extension in PHP
15:32 Mon Nov 16 And that's exactly how I was AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
06:55 Mon Nov 16 Thanks for this Brian Redmine on Turnkey v14 not working: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
05:47 Mon Nov 16 By default TurnKey uses Postfix to send emails CANVAS Email Setup with SES amd Postfix
05:11 Mon Nov 16 Thanks for the tips v14.0 Optimized Builds - Part 2: Containers
05:11 Mon Nov 16 So Samba users work? But not Samba auth via Ajaxplorer? AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
05:05 Mon Nov 16 Are you using the Hub? v14.0 stable release - Massive Community Effort!