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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
12:17 Mon Mar 19 There is no real way to cause reply Observium Email Setup
12:12 Mon Mar 19 There is no real way to cause Observium Email Setup
11:26 Mon Mar 19 Observium version can't Observium Email Setup
11:09 Mon Mar 19 Observium version can't Observium Email Setup
11:01 Mon Mar 19 Slow response on Turnkey OVA image of observium Observium Email Setup
02:43 Mon Mar 19 It should be working already!? Observium Email Setup
02:42 Mon Mar 19 Thanks John TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
15:29 Fri Mar 16 eMAIL ALERT Observium Email Setup
14:18 Fri Mar 16 hostname in /etc/network/interfaces TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
05:44 Fri Mar 16 history of 01ipconfig TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
04:43 Fri Mar 16 I have zero experience with ZFS, so may not be much help there.. [Closed]need help setting up File Server container on Proxmox VE 5.1 with ZFS
04:01 Fri Mar 16 Great! Thanks for sharing! Redmine how to change url to http://hostname/redmine
03:14 Fri Mar 16 Oh and re virto drivers... TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
02:25 Fri Mar 16 It looks like it was introduced by Peter Lieven ~3 years ago TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
01:49 Fri Mar 16 Great, glad to hear that it's working for you now! :) gitlab appliance is very slow
22:58 Thu Mar 15 Yes it was a bug in the site upgrade - should be fixed now. New Site Downloads Working?
13:31 Wed Mar 14 I think the problem was that gitlab appliance is very slow
06:27 Wed Mar 14 Thanks John! 3rd party SSL/TLS certs on TurnKey: convert CER/P7B to PEM
16:47 Tue Mar 13 Sorry! & Thanks! TURNKEY OpenVPN with TURNKEY Torrent Server
08:51 Tue Mar 13 Is the backend service running? gitlab appliance is very slow