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Recent comments

Time Comment Threadsort descending
09:47 Wed Aug 24 Hey Rob /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01turnkey after upgrade wheezy to jessie.
01:54 Thu Aug 25 OK /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01turnkey after upgrade wheezy to jessie.
05:52 Tue Aug 23 Deep apologies on such a slow response... /etc/default/locale
10:38 Thu Sep 20 These are kernel modules /lib/modules occupied disk space
12:35 Sat Sep 22 Thanks. It works.  After /lib/modules occupied disk space
05:00 Mon Aug 10 Only packages that have been installed as dependencies /lib/modules occupied disk space
23:26 Mon May 7 System disk full /lib/modules occupied disk space
07:03 Tue May 8 A few thoughts (and a long ramble)... /lib/modules occupied disk space
11:20 Tue May 8 Good education /lib/modules occupied disk space
02:37 Thu May 10 '' can be handy for figuring out crontab timing /lib/modules occupied disk space
02:48 Tue Feb 7 Sounds like a reasonable point to me /root/.bashrc ignores global PATH
01:52 Tue Nov 24 You'd be better off with TKL LAMP wouldn't you? /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
02:01 Tue Nov 24 LAMP /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
07:43 Tue Nov 24 Just a thought... /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
08:12 Tue Nov 24 MySQL appliance is configured as a database server /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
12:41 Tue Nov 24 TKL Core <--> TKL MySql /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
12:46 Tue Nov 24 Shedding some light on phpmyadmin lighttpd configuration /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
13:23 Tue Nov 24 My fault, sorry /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
17:08 Tue Nov 24 Success with Disadvantage /var/www is hidden in MySql Appliance
05:18 Sun Oct 24 That is the default Apache doc root /var/www/ or other folder?