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13:12 Fri Dec 2 good could likewise send openLDAP and memberOf
04:35 Thu Nov 17 Hi Phil orangeHRM Amazon image - is the API fullu functional?
06:53 Thu Nov 24 Hi Marcus OTRS receives GMAIL fine but can not send
02:07 Fri Nov 25 Hi Mario Problem with Stripe payments
06:23 Thu Nov 17 Not sure Tim Request for Kaltura
06:11 Fri Dec 2 If you are using TurnKey, please start your own thread Samba 4 general help installation directory
14:10 Mon Nov 28 how to connect Samba AD DC Samba 4 general help installation directory
12:11 Thu Nov 24 [solved] It turns out that Samba and smartcards, no userCertificate
01:47 Fri Nov 25 Thanks for posting back with a solution. :) Samba and smartcards, no userCertificate
07:14 Thu Nov 24 TBH I have no idea sorry... Samba and smartcards, no userCertificate
04:56 Mon Nov 28 IMO the "better way" is to ssh in and install "proper" vim! :) Samba? Or is there a better way?
12:53 Mon Nov 28 Thanks Jeremy, is there a Samba? Or is there a better way?
05:50 Fri Dec 2 SSHFS needs to be installed on your Windows system Samba? Or is there a better way?
16:23 Wed Nov 23 Here’s the mail I got Self signed and trusted SSL certificates
20:29 Thu Nov 17 ...and a noob answer Server to send emails..؟
17:44 Thu Nov 17 (most likely) a noob question Server to send emails..؟
01:39 Fri Nov 18 Thanks for posting Server to send emails..؟
23:20 Tue Nov 15 Change default settings systemd sysv init compatibility mode: how it works and troubleshooting when it breaks
20:17 Wed Nov 30 cool Torrent Server - ruTorrent minor plugin errors
06:09 Fri Dec 2 Thanks for the bug report. Trac: invalid index.html,,