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01:50 Thu Jan 12 Hi, It's 2017 now. And the Upgrade php to php5.6
05:44 Thu Jan 12 Our current appliance (v14.1) has PHP v5.6.29 Upgrade php to php5.6
17:57 Fri Jan 13 Thank You Jonathon Turnkey Linux File Server General Use Share
04:53 Wed Jan 4 TBH I'm not 100% sure on specifics Turnkey LAMP : Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server
02:18 Wed Jan 11 Sorry for very slow response on your bug report. Trac: invalid index.html,,
05:29 Sun Jan 15 Fixed tklbam wont accept api key
14:38 Tue Jan 10 Thanks TKL LAMP - I broke my phpMyAdmin connection
07:58 Fri Jan 6 RE:TKL is awesome! TKL is awesome!
11:43 Fri Jan 6 Funds Recovery The binary option scam: Evil Incorporated vs the "Don't Be Evil" corporation
16:19 Wed Dec 21 Jade- I had the same systemd sysv init compatibility mode: how it works and troubleshooting when it breaks
23:54 Tue Jan 10 Samba permissions for multiple users SAMBA shares have ROOT as owner, no one else can write to them
09:48 Thu Jan 5 Hi David Ruby on Rails
23:59 Mon Jan 16 Resolved, I edited my filters RSS Regex Mistake, Now Disk Full and Rtorrent Not Starting
01:04 Tue Jan 17 Thanks for posting back with a solution. :) RSS Regex Mistake, Now Disk Full and Rtorrent Not Starting
06:11 Thu Jan 12 Sorry for slow reply Redmine appliance and http access to svn repos
15:34 Wed Jan 11 i think problem in Redmine appliance and http access to svn repos
00:03 Tue Jan 17 TBH I have limited experience with Postfix Postfix send lot of spam
06:52 Mon Jan 9 Odoo v14.2 Odoo v14.2 - What should be next?
07:48 Thu Jan 12 Unfortunately once v11 is released, v8 will be EOL Odoo v14.2 - What should be next?
09:55 Tue Jan 3 Email settings in Observium(config.php) Observium Email Setup