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Recent comments

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06:50 Wed Jul 13 Is it slow from the start? Or did it get slow? Slow WordPress
02:04 Fri Jul 15 Good detective work. Slow WordPress
15:28 Wed Jul 6 Anyway, a good place to start cleaning up is an apt clean Server failing
09:30 Tue Jul 5 Ah-ha out of space sounds likely cause Server failing
17:18 Mon Jul 4 Thanks Server failing
15:49 Mon Jul 4 What have you investigated/tried so far? Server failing
01:32 Tue Jul 19 +1 on this.  I have been SambaDAV not working ver 14
23:30 Thu Jul 7 $sudo apt-get --reinstall SAMBA does not start
13:42 Fri Jul 8 Hi Thomas openLDAP and memberOf
05:32 Fri Jul 22 Is that really yr private ssh key? On my Kindle I am root
00:48 Wed Jul 27 Solution for physical server No interfaces are available (solved)
02:19 Thu Jul 28 You'll need to do some investigation No interfaces are available (solved)
16:56 Tue Jul 12 Do you get any internet at all? No DNS with Turnkey OpenVPN image
03:24 Thu Jul 14 FWIW someone else has just reported issues with OpenVPN No DNS with Turnkey OpenVPN image
04:55 Fri Jul 29 If the server is not running then snapshots are ok New Hub feature: Server snapshots
00:32 Wed Jul 27 Still true? New Hub feature: Server snapshots
21:09 Fri Jul 29 Thanks Jeremy -- much better New Hub feature: Server snapshots
05:46 Wed Jul 13 Looks like you don't have Pool installed? make FAB_POOL=y failure
03:07 Thu Jul 14 Does /turnkey/fab/jessie exist? make FAB_POOL=y failure
01:11 Thu Jul 14 One step further make FAB_POOL=y failure