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Recent comments

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00:53 Tue Dec 15 My first guess is that your server is running out of resources xz or 7z killed after few minutes
10:15 Tue Dec 15 Your guess was right ! xz or 7z killed after few minutes
12:00 Wed Jan 29 Should be doable xWindows / gNome to MS-Windows
06:52 Sun May 17 Amazon use both HVM and PV XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
02:41 Sat Jul 11 Huh XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
03:09 Sun May 17 TKl 14.0 XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
02:56 Sun May 17 Thanks for posting XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
08:02 Sun May 17 FYI Xen and XenServer are not the same thing... XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
07:21 Sun May 17 Like I said in my first post, XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
12:35 Wed Apr 13 Latest news on Turnkey Xen/KVM distro? Xen Server Templates Support (Please!)
17:23 Mon Jun 7 Great! Xen Server Templates Support (Please!)
06:55 Mon Jun 7 We can help you with that Xen Server Templates Support (Please!)
20:47 Mon Jun 7 Eucalyptus/UEC builds uploaded to sourceforge Xen Server Templates Support (Please!)
17:13 Thu Aug 20 It seems that you are using a Wrong time backup
00:36 Thu Nov 20 TBH I don't completely understand... Wrong time backup
17:06 Wed Mar 16 Not resolved yet Wrong date and time in Wordpress
13:00 Sat Jun 11 Thx, it works! I didn't like write permissions
04:12 Tue Jun 14 The Joomla appliance is just Joomla installed on top of LAMP write permissions
04:14 Fri Jun 10 Out of interest, why didn't you use the Joomla appliance? write permissions
10:48 Sat Mar 23 Router using NAT also call port forwarding Wrapping my brain around apache2 and serving from one IP