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Recent comments

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04:54 Sat Jun 9 HTTPS only forced for default TKL services [SOLVED] - LAMP Appliance Forces HTTPS - How can I stop this?
23:56 Fri Jun 8 Lee, I think you should post [SOLVED] - LAMP Appliance Forces HTTPS - How can I stop this?
12:16 Fri Feb 8 SOLVED! [SAMBA SERVER] Everyone got access?!?
11:08 Tue Mar 10 Did your migration work ok? [Retirement Notification] Amazon EC2 Instance scheduled for retirement
07:58 Wed Mar 4 Whilst theoretically that should work fine... [Retirement Notification] Amazon EC2 Instance scheduled for retirement
08:35 Sat Mar 11 what you mean? [Request] Stop making me preview every reply
12:43 Sun Aug 17 I'm not sure how Rik went [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
23:03 Fri Aug 15 Progress? [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
19:39 Wed Sep 23 Is there a list of what needs to be completed for Raspberry Pi? [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
15:50 Thu Oct 17 Yes Please ! [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
03:30 Wed Apr 20 Currently there isn't. But starting one is a great idea! [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
18:30 Tue Aug 19 Itching for Pi support [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
03:09 Sat Nov 23 Not too long now [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
00:10 Tue Oct 1 You're not the first! [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
09:21 Thu Sep 4 TBH I have no idea about specifics [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server
22:31 Sun Feb 2 Recipe didn't work [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server
10:06 Thu Sep 4 IIt can be done. Working on [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server
01:40 Wed Aug 24 I know you will do an [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server
04:45 Wed Aug 24 Nice one! [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server
01:09 Tue Sep 9 It's kind of hard to respond [Proposed] TKLPatch - (Unofficial) Minecraft server