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Recent comments

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05:38 Fri May 20 Glad to hear you got it sorted error while loading shared libraries
04:51 Tue May 24 Unfortunately not sorry. Elgg appliance configuration issues
14:26 Sun May 22 Elgg can only properly support http or https; not both Elgg appliance configuration issues
07:06 Mon May 23 Nothing further should be needed. Elgg appliance configuration issues
19:31 Mon May 23 previous builds? Elgg appliance configuration issues
20:06 Sun May 22 more config than firstboot inithooks? Elgg appliance configuration issues
22:05 Thu Apr 28 Nice to still see replies ejabberd high cpu usage
23:52 Wed May 4 In need of document managment Document Management
02:20 Thu May 5 We don't currently have anything that is ideal Document Management
23:34 Sun May 15 what should i do with this Django User Profiles - Simple yet powerful
17:27 Sun May 1 PHP Upgrade Steps? Curl version too old for PayPal SDK Turnkey 14.0 ?
04:10 Tue May 17 Awesome thanks for the info! CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
04:08 Tue May 17 That's right! CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
17:39 Mon May 16 Yes you can. I run it on CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
15:10 Tue May 17 Thanks, Les Inbody and Jeremy CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
17:09 Mon May 16 Firewall / Iptables service CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
04:42 Mon May 16 Probably, but I'm not sure on the details CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
03:29 Sat Apr 30 vondrt4 has finished his work on the OpenStack can't login to or access OpenStack appliances
08:37 Fri May 13 Sounds weird... Can VMWare break Wordpress Password Hashing?
03:21 Mon May 16 Can you clarify which appliance you are using and its state Can VMWare break Wordpress Password Hashing?