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Recent comments

Timesort icon Comment Thread
21:02 Wed Aug 3 thanks for the info letsencrypt
21:09 Wed Aug 3 i have no icon for decompress in filemin Failed to extract file : Missing unzip command - fix for noobs like me!
05:54 Thu Aug 4 Out of interest, possibly another option tklbam local backup escrow keys
06:08 Thu Aug 4 Hi Ryan connection to rTorrent not established
06:24 Thu Aug 4 Initihooks is the firstboot scripts letsencrypt
14:02 Thu Aug 4 Suggestion The binary option scam: Evil Incorporated vs the "Don't Be Evil" corporation
15:20 Thu Aug 4 How To: Turnkeylinux LAMP and LetEncrypt Letsencrypt and Turnkey Linux ???
15:44 Thu Aug 4 Thanks for posting and sharing! :) Letsencrypt and Turnkey Linux ???
16:27 Thu Aug 4 +1 Nothing can join Domain Controller
17:24 Thu Aug 4 thank you letsencrypt
17:52 Thu Aug 4 Fix Domain Controller
17:52 Thu Aug 4 Fix - part 2 Domain Controller
21:39 Thu Aug 4 never mind Tutorials / HOWTOs
03:01 Fri Aug 5 Thanks Llyod Domain Controller
03:42 Fri Aug 5 Sounds like you got it... How do I access the webmin management interface? (SOLVED)
03:45 Fri Aug 5 That's weird, I'll need to investigate further Failed to extract file : Missing unzip command - fix for noobs like me!
03:53 Fri Aug 5 Thanks for jumping in John (Carver)! turnkey-lxc issue
04:02 Fri Aug 5 He may do but didn't pass anything on... Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
10:05 Fri Aug 5 little behind version wise Failed to extract file : Missing unzip command - fix for noobs like me!
10:14 Fri Aug 5 my problem Tutorials / HOWTOs