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Recent comments

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02:37 Sun Nov 1 6 years later this works thanks! 'Machine not mutable' error with Fileserver VM on Virtualbox
07:34 Fri Nov 20 Thank you so much for sharing 4 simple software optimization tips
06:31 Sat Nov 7 We'll need a bit more info! Adding extentions to mediawiki
06:34 Thu Oct 29 Hmmm another weird one... AJAX Error OTRS Appliance
23:41 Tue Nov 17 Perhaps upgrade? AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
05:11 Mon Nov 16 So Samba users work? But not Samba auth via Ajaxplorer? AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
15:32 Mon Nov 16 And that's exactly how I was AjaXplorer authentication using Samba
07:34 Sat Nov 7 The LXC appliance was release in 2013 Announcing TurnKey LXC
05:36 Tue Nov 3 AFAIK the 13.0 LXC appliance still works fine Announcing TurnKey LXC
07:36 Sat Nov 7 Great work John! :) Announcing TurnKey LXC
07:41 Fri Nov 20 Hi Sorry we missed this Announcing TurnKey OpenStack optimized builds
15:43 Sun Nov 22 Linode and TKL XEN works Announcing TurnKey Xen optimized builds
06:56 Sat Nov 7 Sorry for slow response AWS Turnkey OpenVPN
00:45 Wed Nov 18 No need to double post... Basic configuration for multiple server LAMP stack
08:08 Thu Oct 29 Sorry for slow response Can't get SSL wildcard certificate for Mediawiki to work
16:19 Mon Oct 26 Anyone out there willing to Can't get SSL wildcard certificate for Mediawiki to work
20:07 Fri Nov 13 outgoing_mail.yml Canvas Instructure not send SMTP Amazon CANVAS Email Setup with SES amd Postfix
05:47 Mon Nov 16 By default TurnKey uses Postfix to send emails CANVAS Email Setup with SES amd Postfix
19:26 Tue Nov 3 No, didn't manage to sort it out Convert OpenVPN from UDP to TCP
07:43 Thu Oct 29 Thanks for posting back CPU consistently at 100% on fresh moodle install