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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
11:22 Mon Jan 30 Hmmm, that's weird?! It should "just work"! vTiger Illegal request
07:54 Mon Jan 30 Listening on tcp://localhost:3000 Image is ignoring AWS security group settings
07:48 Mon Jan 30 Ooops, forgot to answer your question re github... How to Update Canvas
07:42 Mon Jan 30 They are the right docs... How to Update Canvas
06:51 Mon Jan 30 Hmm, that's not good! Letsencrypt on v14.1 with Odoo
06:25 Mon Jan 30 Thanks Letsencrypt on v14.1 with Odoo
14:32 Sun Jan 29 storage The closest you can get to perfectly secure Bitcoin transactions (without doing them in your head)
10:52 Sun Jan 29 I tripled my bitcoin balance Introducing BitKey - A secure Bitcoin live USB/CD solution built with TKLDev
01:29 Thu Jan 26 A turnkey for guacamole would Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
12:48 Wed Jan 25 Docker 3.1 runs with Hyper-V Love the concept, three suggestions for future appliances.
10:12 Wed Jan 25 Samba may be an option Complete subversion server and LDAP/AD Tutorial
22:23 Tue Jan 24 My Knowledge isn't Deep Enough Complete subversion server and LDAP/AD Tutorial
04:29 Tue Jan 24 Currently TurnKey Docker builds are a bit hacky... Docker and containers (generally) and persistence
04:04 Tue Jan 24 Hi, thanks for your input Love the concept, three suggestions for future appliances.
03:06 Tue Jan 24 TBH I get lost with AD/LDAP stuff Complete subversion server and LDAP/AD Tutorial
02:38 Tue Jan 24 Great work diagnosing! TKLBAM occasionally instigates an out of memory error on a running JVM.
02:32 Tue Jan 24 Cool :) connection to rTorrent not established
02:30 Tue Jan 24 I'm no OpenVPN expert AWS OpenVPN Appliance - Missing DNS settings
01:58 Tue Jan 24 FWIW I can't reproduce this... Can't log in to Vtiger
01:34 Tue Jan 24 Actually... OpenVPN - remove and/or recreate profiles, not just revoke...