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Recent comments

Timesort ascending Comment Thread
23:49 Mon Sep 16 Hey got it to work however Observium and Postfix
20:10 Mon Sep 16 Let me say a big thanks you Observium and Postfix
18:06 Mon Sep 16 Thanks again Jeremy, Observium and Postfix
13:57 Mon Sep 16 Who can help me out? :/ v14.1 Release - Bugfixes, Maintenance and More
05:25 Mon Sep 16 Ok, well looking at your config, I see an issue Observium and Postfix
05:08 Mon Sep 16 What is the nature of the project(s) you intend to manage? Good-Better-Best Open Source Project Manager?
03:50 Mon Sep 16 Hi Jeremy  Observium and Postfix
03:32 Mon Sep 16 Hmm, that sucks. I wonder what is going on? Deny unauthenticated access to https://redmine/svn/helloworld
03:21 Mon Sep 16 Hi Jahson Observium and Postfix
03:10 Mon Sep 16 Hi Landis Magento 15.0.1
01:21 Mon Sep 16 For starters, MariaDB is (essentially) MySQL Adminer Issues
00:54 Sat Sep 14 DataMigration tool not available for version 2.17 Magento 15.0.1
13:46 Fri Sep 13 Hi Jeremy, thanks for the Deny unauthenticated access to https://redmine/svn/helloworld
10:40 Fri Sep 13 That's great. Webmin remote exploit/vulnerability does NOT affect TurnKey
01:58 Fri Sep 13 TurnKey v14.2 or later? Magento 15.0.1
01:37 Fri Sep 13 If you're using TurnKey, please sign up and start a new thread Hardened default SSL/TLS setting - cannot get connection to SMTP server
17:47 Thu Sep 12 I have tried out every thing can anyone help me out?( Hardened default SSL/TLS setting - cannot get connection to SMTP server
16:05 Thu Sep 12 How to, when arguments passed in urls. Django navigation bar (active link highlighting)
07:53 Thu Sep 12 then ran "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" Magento 15.0.1
07:32 Thu Sep 12 SU dropped a directory down but.. moving forward Magento 15.0.1