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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
00:31 Tue Dec 20 Hi Sunil Product Roadmap
03:38 Fri Dec 16 Better instructions Samba? Or is there a better way?
18:01 Thu Dec 15 Newer Ruby versions - best practice? Ruby on Rails
17:35 Thu Dec 15 What about Hyper-V integration services such as VSS? TurnKey on Microsoft Hyper-V
01:31 Thu Dec 15 Apologies if my post seemed curt Migrating and Upgrading Turnkey Version
00:40 Thu Dec 15   Thanks for the link and Migrating and Upgrading Turnkey Version
23:47 Wed Dec 14 I don't understand? Migrating and Upgrading Turnkey Version
21:25 Wed Dec 14 Beware of special characters Turnkey Linux Twiki
16:57 Wed Dec 14 The link for the ssl.conf is Migrating and Upgrading Turnkey Version
12:42 Wed Dec 14 Any update on how you can do the modifications custom auto partitioning while installing
03:42 Wed Dec 14 what about multiple ISOs? Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image
06:26 Mon Dec 12 MS SQL SERVER EXTENSION Installing PHP extensions pdo and pdo_mysql on LAMP appliance
04:23 Mon Dec 12 Hi Peter AWS Canada (Central) Region
04:15 Mon Dec 12 Hi Jens Hello world with fab-chroot not working, mount point does not exist
04:03 Mon Dec 12 I suggest that you read the Observium docs. Observium - load, mailqueue, httpd alerts
03:52 Mon Dec 12 Awesome! Drupal 8 - Announced but not available for Proxmox
03:51 Mon Dec 12 Replied in your thread Backing up OTRS Database
03:47 Mon Dec 12 Let's keep discussion of your scenario here in your thread... OTRS Trouble
21:54 Sat Dec 10 It worked! Drupal 8 - Announced but not available for Proxmox
00:14 Sat Dec 10 How does migration from one system to another work? Backing up OTRS Database