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Recent comments

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01:57 Sun Jan 10 +1 for ARM port TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
20:17 Sun Jan 10 New Moodle Moodle Version
06:22 Mon Jan 11 Thanks LAMP and VirtualBox 4 Shared Folders
08:14 Mon Jan 11 Bad gateway Gitlab Turnkey - 502 Bad Gateway
10:16 Tue Jan 12 Need to compile turnkey openldap with --enable-spasswd and cyrus Active Directory Integration through LDAP in WordPress
17:04 Wed Jan 13 Awesome! nginx 14 SSL fix
20:35 Wed Jan 13 vTiger CRM open source Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global vTiger customer portal
00:26 Thu Jan 14 I figured it out - set 'Max turnkey backup question *solved*
01:27 Thu Jan 14 Sorry for slow response ajax.turnkeylinux.org Host Error
05:21 Thu Jan 14 Thanks Mattias Samba updated? and broke root share? Any ideas?
05:29 Thu Jan 14 Sorry for slow response Impossible to install any Moodle plugins
05:43 Thu Jan 14 Sorry for slow reply Turnkey Moodle - NAT Requests NOT returned
06:05 Thu Jan 14 I'm not really sure what is going on... ProcessMaker - no access to portal site
06:31 Thu Jan 14 Apologies on slow response Upgrade php to php5.6
06:33 Thu Jan 14 Awesome work James! Can't get import to work
07:06 Thu Jan 14 Where are you running this? Gitlab Turnkey - 502 Bad Gateway
07:07 Thu Jan 14 Thanks for your feedback Dusan Moodle Version
07:11 Thu Jan 14 TurnKey is Debian under the hood Active Directory Integration through LDAP in WordPress
07:16 Thu Jan 14 This is TurnKey Linux forums vTiger customer portal
07:17 Thu Jan 14 Glad you sorted it. turnkey backup question *solved*