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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
21:05 Mon Apr 17 Core's page 14.1 vs 14.2 v14.2 Core Release - Improvements to Confconsole, including easy Let's Encrypt SSL certs
13:01 Mon Apr 17 Travel Umroh A Universe from nothing? Lawrence Krauss
11:02 Mon Apr 17 Core v14.2 is out, MediaWiki in the first batch No more MediaWiki ?
10:54 Mon Apr 17 Sorry for really slow reply... How to start Domain Controller - TurnKey control panel
10:47 Mon Apr 17 TBH I'm not sure... OpenVPN Server port change
10:31 Mon Apr 17 LAMP appliance? Admin quit need OTRS upgrade help
10:25 Mon Apr 17 Doesn't seem quite right... Samba Active Direcotry - Dom. Admin permissions?
10:06 Mon Apr 17 Not currently in version currently installed in TurnKey Linux Help in Magento
04:13 Mon Apr 17 Thanks for reporting this newly installed wordpress vm generating secalerts emails
04:06 Mon Apr 17 Core v14.2 is live! Drupal 8 and Let's Encrypt
03:56 Mon Apr 17 Not yet... Is HTTP/2 support included and available in all Turnkey virtual appliances?
03:51 Mon Apr 17 Ok cool. Roadmap for new release?
03:47 Mon Apr 17 This is really old and probably out of date... TKLPatch for OpenLDAP [UPDATED 20-09-2010]
18:11 Tue Apr 11 Hi there! Engineer Intro !
11:44 Tue Apr 11 I think it's funny! :) Heroku is dead – no-one uses it anymore. You need to use Docker now
11:27 Tue Apr 11 Help Help in Magento
00:57 Mon Apr 10 your solution fixed mine as SAMBA does not start
13:43 Sun Apr 9 /src/tls-ssl.ldif: No such file or directory TKLPatch for OpenLDAP [UPDATED 20-09-2010]
02:01 Sat Apr 8 No more detail Indefinite restore time to hub Amazon instance
14:02 Fri Apr 7 Thanks Jeremy and your team, No more MediaWiki ?