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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
05:53 Thu Sep 21 Sounds like you are on the right track! :) A newbie stuck with a firstboot script problem building a new appliance
02:33 Thu Sep 21 That sounds really strange!? Strange problem with SSL and VirtualBox or VMWare
12:23 Mon Sep 18 For starters, I'd personally Turnkey Cloud network will not initialize on hp ML380G5 with 2 gbit enet ports
11:54 Mon Sep 18 Thanks for reporting, but yeah the website is a bit broken... WordPress 14.2 release notes?
11:36 Mon Sep 18 Hey Pauline upgrade fresh lamp install to jessie
11:19 Mon Sep 18 Hey Ken, you've got a really old server! tklbam wont accept api key
09:09 Mon Sep 18 I'm beginner and I just want v14.2 Release Update #3 - 3 brand new appliances and 24 updated apps (ISO only; others coming)
20:19 Sat Sep 16 Did some of the files move? I am getting some 404 errors tklbam wont accept api key
20:11 Sat Sep 16 How can I trust ? The closest you can get to perfectly secure Bitcoin transactions (without doing them in your head)
13:43 Sat Sep 16 You can use Which CMS powers these websites?
10:03 Thu Sep 14 Check this maybe https:/ Migrate of Mnesia to Sql Server
08:26 Thu Sep 7 Magento is one of the How To Build Theme In Magento
00:28 Wed Sep 6 PostgreSQL 9.6 is in Jessie backports if that helps? PostgreSQL Virtual Appliance Postgres Version
02:27 Tue Sep 5 Sounds weird?! Restore take up all the disk
02:16 Tue Sep 5 There is no default password How do you set up OTRS to receive emails. It sends them just fine.
15:06 Mon Sep 4 The Best Way To Do Magento Development How To Build Theme In Magento
13:06 Mon Sep 4 That's great, many thanks for v14.2 Release Update #5 - final updated appliances and wrapup
11:13 Mon Sep 4 I never utilized WiFi on my On my Kindle I am root
09:40 Mon Sep 4 newly here: default username and password in OTRS page How do you set up OTRS to receive emails. It sends them just fine.
06:21 Mon Sep 4 Hi Des v14.2 Release Update #5 - final updated appliances and wrapup