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09:58 Tue Apr 12 Are you using TurnKey Linux? Micro Moodle Error: Database connection failed
13:01 Tue Apr 12 I don't much are about the New Zimbra Appliance
15:39 Wed Apr 13 Dollar sign in names is probably not good with Linux... TKLBAM Choking on $ Directories?
16:13 Wed Apr 13 FWIW TurnKey is based on Debian New Zimbra Appliance
17:13 Wed Apr 13 I don't recall any problems. New Zimbra Appliance
19:10 Wed Apr 13 NFS Mounts NFS Share not mounting on Boot
01:14 Thu Apr 14 excellent post, thank you Configuring Subversion access via Apache on the Revision Control appliance
05:02 Thu Apr 14 Hey Siddarth can't login to or access OpenStack appliances
05:06 Thu Apr 14 Hang on... can't login to or access OpenStack appliances
10:47 Fri Apr 15 If you don't get any response start a new thread how to install ftp server and mail server to turnkey-drupal-2008.10.17-hardy-x86 (SOLVED)
10:55 Fri Apr 15 Apologies on very late response... Owncloud 3rd Party App
10:59 Fri Apr 15 Have you enabled the cgi module? CGI scripts not executing
13:54 Fri Apr 15 Which appliance? Which version? SAMBA does not start
14:16 Fri Apr 15 Hellosame problem hier. SAMBA does not start
14:50 Fri Apr 15 fileserver TurnKey GNU/Linux SAMBA does not start
14:51 Fri Apr 15 apt-get -f install SAMBA does not start
18:47 Fri Apr 15 Fantastic news!   Thank you v14.1 Release - Bugfixes, Maintenance and More
19:07 Fri Apr 15 More details can't login to or access OpenStack appliances
20:54 Fri Apr 15 how can i disable daily SAMBA does not start
02:30 Sat Apr 16 Great thanks for the additional info SAMBA does not start