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Recent comments

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11:03 Fri Oct 7 Thanks for testing this :) install or update TurnKey Linux 14 on a (TransIP) VPS
13:08 Fri Oct 21 dnsutils Missing from LAMP server How to upgrade an appliance
05:08 Thu Sep 29 Not like that at all... How to upgrade an appliance
06:12 Tue Oct 4 Hi Dave How to locate account
11:29 Fri Sep 30 You got it! :) Help finding OpenVZ containers for Wheezy
02:01 Tue Oct 25 That sounds weird Extending an LVM volume: Physical volumes (partitions) -> Volume groups -> Logical volume -> Filesystem
21:52 Mon Oct 24 Expanded with second Hard Drive, now all images and links broken Extending an LVM volume: Physical volumes (partitions) -> Volume groups -> Logical volume -> Filesystem
04:14 Wed Oct 19 Hi Richard Error: Incompatible License
06:40 Fri Sep 30 I can't join the domain at Domain Controller
06:15 Fri Sep 30 adding a user Domain Controller
15:32 Sun Oct 9 got it working Domain Controller
05:34 Tue Oct 4 Hi Shak Devpay vs Stripe
00:01 Thu Oct 6 Thanks for following up. This Devpay vs Stripe
17:10 Tue Sep 27 only supports the v1 Docker Registry API... Comparing Debian vs Alpine for container & Docker apps
11:52 Wed Oct 5 Playing around with TKL-Dev and OpenXPKI Certificate authority
18:48 Thu Oct 20 How i win my husband back Be nice. It's a fscking gift
01:54 Tue Oct 25 Hmmm, not good! archive.turnkeylinux.org seems to be offline
01:15 Tue Oct 25 I second that archive.turnkeylinux.org is not responding. archive.turnkeylinux.org seems to be offline
16:34 Tue Oct 4 It is fantastic software and worth a try. Announcing TurnKey Linux 12.0: 100+ ready-to-use solutions
18:48 Fri Oct 21 Misdirect All your computers are belong to us: the dystopian future of security is now