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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
06:27 Mon Mar 5 homegroup password, Im sorry i am new to filesharing, have no idea how tp connect to fileserver from windows 10 help please
22:56 Sun Mar 4 Hi John LXD Image Server?
21:59 Sat Mar 3 Bootstraps for Debian stretch LXD Image Server?
19:15 Fri Mar 2 Thanks for the tutorial! How to get out of emergency mode?
05:00 Fri Mar 2 Thanks very much for your bug report! :) Docker
04:52 Fri Mar 2 Oops sorry I missed your post. Docker
02:47 Fri Mar 2 Thanks John! TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
02:44 Fri Mar 2 Not that I'm aware of How to get out of emergency mode?
01:21 Fri Mar 2 Sorry if I wasn't clear. How to get out of emergency mode?
00:41 Fri Mar 2 Doh! TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
18:32 Thu Mar 1 Including apt-cacher-ng in the LXC appliance TurnKey Portable Development Environment (PDE)
15:26 Thu Mar 1 docker stop does not properly stop the container Docker
14:09 Thu Mar 1 Another thought about emergency mode How to get out of emergency mode?
13:43 Thu Mar 1 now a fstab syntax query How to get out of emergency mode?
06:59 Thu Mar 1 Webix looks really cool! Start with Node or MongoDB for new project
08:22 Wed Feb 28 Glad to hear that it worked! Newbie - Upgrade php 5.6 to 7.0
04:18 Wed Feb 28 php updates Newbie - Upgrade php 5.6 to 7.0
04:11 Wed Feb 28 PHP 7 Upgrade Newbie - Upgrade php 5.6 to 7.0
01:50 Wed Feb 28 Unfortunately things are moving much slower than I'd hoped Newbie - Upgrade php 5.6 to 7.0
01:23 Wed Feb 28 If you're not already aware, you could "package" your server Hosting multiple local sites using Turnkey LAMP