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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
23:13 Tue Oct 31 Our current appliances (v14.2) are based on Debian Jessie LAMP Stack - Web Stack (MySQL)
21:00 Tue Oct 31 DO you know what was the How to configure apache2 as reverse proxy as gateway for different turnkeys
17:43 Sun Oct 29 Thanks.  I will try it out.  email Server
01:02 Sun Oct 29 Here's some getting started reading email Server
14:58 Fri Oct 27 Email server email Server
14:45 Fri Oct 27 Any One having this now On my Kindle I am root
23:08 Thu Oct 26 Just to clarify OK to Enable WP_CRON ?
22:34 Thu Oct 26 Thank you, makes sense OK to Enable WP_CRON ?
21:28 Thu Oct 26 Unfortunately not... email Server
17:57 Thu Oct 26 email server email Server
23:30 Wed Oct 25 Looking forward to it! Appliance created : Foswiki
23:07 Wed Oct 25 Sounds great! :) THANK YOU !!!! It works !!!!! It can install even Centos but.....
23:05 Wed Oct 25 It's purely pragmatic... Supported virtualization platforms and build types
21:26 Wed Oct 25 at release time .... THANK YOU !!!! It works !!!!! It can install even Centos but.....
16:24 Wed Oct 25 Great Appliance created : Foswiki
13:27 Wed Oct 25 Sorry I missed you post (all those years ago) Announcing TurnKey OpenVZ optimized builds (+ Proxmox VE channel)
11:11 Wed Oct 25 Hyper-V Supported virtualization platforms and build types
21:13 Tue Oct 24 Thanks for the update of v14.2 release. v14.2 Release Update #5 - final updated appliances and wrapup
09:55 Tue Oct 24 Yes, it's in the pipeline Roadmap for new release?
09:52 Tue Oct 24 Ah ok... THANK YOU !!!! It works !!!!! It can install even Centos but.....