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11:59 Tue May 17 Cool idea! PXE boot - (SOLVED)
10:47 Tue May 17 Is this still valid? PXE boot - (SOLVED)
04:44 Tue May 17 It's Debian's build of Apache under the hood. LAMP not working as expected (.htaccess and ssl issues)
04:10 Tue May 17 Awesome thanks for the info! CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
04:08 Tue May 17 That's right! CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
17:39 Mon May 16 Yes you can. I run it on CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
17:09 Mon May 16 Firewall / Iptables service CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
09:43 Mon May 16 Hi there, thx a lot for the How to run a rake task to fetch emails
05:12 Mon May 16 Great question, currently without a good answer... longer EC2, EBS and snapshot IDs impact on the hub
05:02 Mon May 16 HI, TBH I'm not sure... How to run a rake task to fetch emails
04:58 Mon May 16 You could still use TKLBAM Traditional Backup
04:50 Mon May 16 Thanks for posting mount: cannot mount block device //$ read-only
04:47 Mon May 16 Sorry to hear your trouble posting. Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.
04:42 Mon May 16 Probably, but I'm not sure on the details CSF firewall for TurnkeyLinux
04:35 Mon May 16 Probably need to create a dummy package Upgrade lampp 14.1 to php 7
04:29 Mon May 16 Great work How to configure apache2 as reverse proxy as gateway for different turnkeys
04:26 Mon May 16 Hi TKLBAM on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
04:22 Mon May 16 If you'd like to create a new TurnKey appliance use TKLDev TKLPatch for Asterisk
04:14 Mon May 16 I am interestd in helping TKLPatch for Asterisk
03:21 Mon May 16 Can you clarify which appliance you are using and its state Can VMWare break Wordpress Password Hashing?