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23:56 Mon Nov 14 What am I missing ? CVE-2016-5195: Dirty COW - Privilege escalation kernel vulnerability
18:58 Tue Nov 15 virtual host configuration Tutorials / HOWTOs
23:20 Tue Nov 15 Change default settings systemd sysv init compatibility mode: how it works and troubleshooting when it breaks
17:20 Wed Nov 16 Giving it a go IT Asset Management
21:01 Wed Nov 16 bump as Jeremy Upgrading the MediaWiki appliance?
23:59 Wed Nov 16 Have you restored your data yet? Upgrading the MediaWiki appliance?
01:26 Thu Nov 17 Sorry for delayed response Could someone help with connecting to my LAN
01:35 Thu Nov 17 Argh! GIT appliance - push error
01:39 Thu Nov 17 TurnKey is based on Debian how to add domain, email to my turnkey nginx?
01:48 Thu Nov 17 Sorry for slow response Hub Backup not in list
01:51 Thu Nov 17 Hi Jeremy. Thank you for the Could someone help with connecting to my LAN
01:55 Thu Nov 17 Sorry for delayed response CGI as document root
02:05 Thu Nov 17 Hi there. Get SeleniumHQ or Watir running on Turnkey Lamp
02:55 Thu Nov 17 Hi Greg `Version ID Question
03:16 Thu Nov 17 Thanks for your input Silvio Why $10 charge
03:18 Thu Nov 17 Awesome! "Upgrading" to new appliance
03:51 Thu Nov 17 Probably not anytime soon... Update MongoDB & Add admin user
03:56 Thu Nov 17 Thanks for the pointer Lance Could someone help with connecting to my LAN
04:25 Thu Nov 17 Hey Max default dokuwiki install - media uploads do not link to files
04:26 Thu Nov 17 You shouldn't need to add any repos. How install X and GTK libraries on turnkey lamp