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For Fifa 18 customers up to the limit, an extra exclusive, 100-page FIFA Series Large Book, which is made in GameStar editing! In the book, you can read about the history of the FIFA series, the innovations in, but even more importantly, you can read tips that you can easily master in your game ! IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE ABOUT THE BOOK, CLICK HERE! In FIFA 18, EA Sports staffed artificial intelligence this year, but physics has become much better, with a lot of new moves and movements being made by the creators. The game also comes back to the previous season, The Journey, which as a story mode once again gives us the opportunity to take control of a starting footballer and get him off the bench in the professional league. In FIFA 18, developers will use all the important changes in the current season, but will return to all popular gaming teams as well as teams, because it's just a real-life experience for virtual football. In addition, we will experience the familiar game againwe can play football with our friends, but return to the popular FIFA Ultimate Team, where the current generation of the Frostbite graphics engine will provide unprecedented realism for matches. Unrealistic realism, modeled on Cristiano Ronaldo EA Canada team made small footage with one of the world's finest footballers, Cristian Ronaldo, to be able to react very quickly to your instructions on the 18 FIFA 18- player pitches and make this in the most natural way with incredible moves. In addition, you can see the typical moves of the biggest stars, including Ronaldo's recognizable sprint, Sterling's lightning fasts, or Griezmann's precise ball management. Thanks to the huge amount of data this year, even more sophisticated systems help to control the ball, the shotgun and the caps Additionally, you can even get more accurate submissions to be more creative in the attacking third. However, new team styles not only show the ball, but also during defense, so you can take advantage of the renewed gaming position either by the tiki or the gegenpress master.


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