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BetBuddha is an online Sports Tipping Service that has one aim – to make our members money. If you bet on sport and you like to win, then we’re here for you. We are a team of professional sports analysts who have over a decade of sports betting experience. Our team work hard to identify winning bets and we pride ourselves on our performance. Click here to view our betting performance. To achieve a winning return of 70% p.a. on bets wagered, we have to be disciplined in our approach and we think you should be too. That’s why we have outlined for you Buddha’s Betting Principles. We want you to profit and enjoy our service. To do this, you need to get the best odds at the time we send our prophecies to you. So please ensure you do not send our valuable selections onto non-members. This will only mean you’ll be getting shorter odds and you won’t be making as much money as we would like you to. If you would like to get into contact with us, please email


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