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Hello everybody, I'm Susan and I'm content manager at dottox.com health care blog. I love to write simple to understand articles about everything connected with the health care topic. Since 2 years I started to focus my attention on the dentistry field because I've noticed that not so many articles are easy to understand for average people (patients). I think that everyone has the right to get the necessary information before to start a specific cure especially dental therapies like: dental implants, dentures or periodontal treatment. We all know that dentistry treatments are very expensive and not all people have insurance coverage so, it is very important to know how to spend money and get the wanted results. The last topic I wrote about is the notorious tooth abscess which is the result of deep cavities leaved untreated. If you suffer because of tooth infection, I strongly recommend you to read my articles on dottox.com because you can learn more about the abscess symptoms and causes. In addition, I wrote two different types of treatment: the first is the canonical dentist therapy that is called root canal treatment and the second is about all the natural and home remedies to deal with tooth infection. You should keep in mind that a tooth abscess is a serious infection that can spread to other organs of your body such as neck, ear and even brain so, as soon as you recognize the early abscess symptoms (swelling, pain, pus etc.) call immediately the dentist and set an appointment. Even if it is very rare that an abscess can kill you, it is always much more better to get the right treatment performed by an endodontist to avoid any additional issue. Natural remedies and home treatment for tooth infection work temporary and cannot cure the infection. They can calm down the pain and let you tolerate the waiting time untill the dentist appointment but cannot do anything else. Hope my description here will be helpful for you. See you on dottox.com


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