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If you are looking for games that are related to sport with decent gameplay, take a look at these three sports games! The game is about the best sports: basketball and soccer! You can play them online and free from your web browser anytime you like with an internet connection! 
1. Basketball 2018
You have full control of a basketball squad to play against AI
An epic basketball tournament you can play in the game of Basketball 2018. The game features fantastic gameplay with 3D graphics and realistic physics. You have full control of a basketball squad to play against AI. The control is easy to pick up; you need to pass, dash, and lead the ball to basket and score to win the game. The game gives you 15 min for each match. You will participate in a big stadium and compete in a tournament in regular mode. Or you can practice in the training mode. Basketball 2018 is easily one of the best sports games you can play online and free. To play more online summer sports games for kids, you can check this link here.
2. SocCar
SocCar has excellent soccer match in multiplayer mode.
The most popular sports are soccer and car-racing, and you can have the two-sport experiences in one game of SocCar. There are two teams in the match, and each player is a racing car. Players chase after a ball and try to kick it into the opponent’s goal. SocCar is a fascinating game with chaos and entertaining moment. Controlling the car to hit the ball is hard, punching the ball for the goals is much harder! The car will run very fast, so chances are you will just run over the ball. You need to master the art of controlling the vehicle and calculate the dropping point of the ball to win the game. The team has more goals wins the match. The game also features the machine gun attached to the car. You can shoot other players to stop them from approaching the ball! SocCar has excellent soccer match in multiplayer mode so you can play with real players around the world. The game will save your progress, and with the level you are at, players can upgrade car and gun! There are two areas in the game to play. The graphics are terrific, guaranteeing the best 3D gameplay! Steer the wheel and score some goal! SocCar is one of the best sports games to play online and free, you can find more awesome games like it in top highly rated free online sports games - play now on pc browser.
3. Basketball Skills
The game tests you with throwing the ball from different positions.
You can show off your skills with 3-points shot and 2-points shot in Basketball Skills. It’s the arcade basketball game where you can have ten chances to hit the basket. The game gets harder each time you take a shot. You can also play in time attack mode which will give you a time, and you need to score as many shots as possible. The mode is a good place to practice your throwing skills. In distance mode, you will throw the balls from a far distance. Basketball Skills is a great game featuring realistic physics and decent sound effects. The gameplay is unique that both starters and pros can play. It is rated 9/10 make it one of the best sports games you can play online and free. you can find more awesome games like Basketball Skills in this link: the review of best free sports games for pc - fun and free.


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