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Yes, you finally have food money, and you can buy cheeseburgers whenever you want, but don't eat junk food exclusively. It is probably the most available food, but you are sure to get sick of it, and so does your body if you overdo it. Sometimes it's very difficult to find healthy food at campus restaurants, so you may have to look off-campus or cook for yourself once in awhile. Learning a simple spaghetti dish with a healthy tomato base can be very economical and tasty too. It's also another door to making friends when you cook with or for your neighbors. Procrastinate Time management is an important skill to pick up. It's quite possible to get very high grades, be social and also have time for yourself. Take advantage of study centers and teachers' office hours to maximize the effectiveness of your study time, then use what's left over for fun. Again, there is no Mom there to stop you from playing Call of Duty all day, but you are sure to be sorry if you do. Living on campus is a great opportunity to have fun and make friends while learning to manage your great college essays and educate yourself. Take advantage of the fact that you're right in the middle of the action, and find new things to do and meet new people. Just remember to stay balanced in your activities and diet to keep those Freshmen Fifteen away.


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