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Love what you guys have done here.  I recently downloaded the wordpress appliance to put my small biz website on.  I was wondering how to remove the "Powered by TurnKey Linux" footer from the bottom of all of my pages, or at least from the side bar as it interferes with a portion of my site and does not look very professional.


Thanks for your help and keep doing what you do.

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How to select the credit footer with CSS

The credit link is intended to help spread the word about the appliances. TurnKey Linux is a relatively new project so that's an important part of finding new users we can help. By default it's themed in a tiny font that doesn't spoil most themes.

In any case, it's easy to override the CSS for the credit footer so you can theme it to your liking like this:

/* This removes the credit link, but if possible we ask that you try and
re-theme it to your liking instead as a courtesy to the TurnKey Linux
project */

#turnkey-credit #override {
  display: none;

Where is that CSS file

I love what your project is doing and I want to leave the footer, actually mod it just a bit and still give you guys props.  What I really need to remove is the one on the side bar.  I have a looping news gaget going and your credit is in the way.  I am new to wordpress and my web developer did 90% of the work.  I understand what to do I just cant find the correct css file.


Thanks again.

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CSS is global

Any CSS code you add to any CSS file is applied globally. Unlike with templates it doesn't matter which file you add your code to. If you can't get the credit link to display in a way that doesn't spoil your site I recommend you turn off it's display and consider giving us credit elsewhere in a way that is more suited to your site.

Does this code apply to

Does this code apply to Joomla as well? I can't seem to get this to work either.

For Joomla Appliance

This worked for me:  Just add the following line to the template CSS file:

#turnkey-credit { display: none; }

yes...worked for me (Removing Joomla Footer)

Hey thanks this worked great! I will add that you have to put in the templates "unwritable" css file and it should work.

Where is that CSS file

rdufou, add the code to your template's template.css to remove the footer.

Footer is gone

Thanks for the help.  The footer is gone.  I will be adding a custom footer back and include the link to here.  I still have it on my side bar.  It is an iframe inside a text widget located on the sidebar.  Sorry for the annoyance.  Any ideas on this one.

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Inline CSS?

It sounds like the CSS override isn't being applied inside your text widget which is being served as an IFRAME using the output from a separate PHP script. There are a couple of things you can try. Editing the PHP script to insert a bit of inline CSS into the PHP code that generates your widget, like this:

<style type="text/css">

#turnkey-credit #override {
    display: none;


Or alternatively you can disable the substitute Apache module that inserts the credit's HTML code ("a2dismod substitute" in a command line).

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which css?

 which css file should be edited?  i'm using an appliance that was initially phpbb but now has wordpress on it, as well.  i want to remove the "phpBB Appliance -" and just have "power by turnkey linux", but editing single directory css files doesn't seem to make the change.  

This is an Apache Directive.

While I do appreciate all the hard work and contribution to the OS community that you guys have done, I have found on some of my website (pro ones)  that is necessary to remove the footer message. But please do give as much credit to these people that we can because what they have done is nothing less than extraordinary. Anyone can host professional websites from home or the cloud because of what they have done. 


I found the best way to do it other than CSS, because non-CSS pages will still have this footer message:

1. Login to webmin using your root account.

2. Under the Servers tab go into Apache.

3. Click Default server.

4. Under Per-Directory Options click Location /

5. Click Edit Directives.

6. Delete all the stuff in that box. Save and restart apache/ click apply changes.

7. Reload your webpage, you might need to clear your cache. 

Thanks - worked perfect

Thanks - worked perfect

That works like charm... :)

That works like charm... :)


I used this before and it worked perfectly.

We had to restore our server from backup (which also worked perfectly), but the "Powered by . . ." reappeared.


I tried to follow the same instructions, but the directives were already empty.  I tried clearing cache, etc. to no avail.

I love Turnkey Linux and have recommended them a lot, but forcing themselves into the footer, and then forcing the very people who benefit form turnkey's ease of use to deal with it does far more harm than good for them. (I know you are not affiliated; just needed to vent!)


Any ideas?  This issue is holding up the launch of our site.

(Sorry for the typos in my original post)

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Restart Apache

You might need to restart apache for the changes to take effect.

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Sorry this is giving you

Sorry this is giving you trouble. The footer is a compromise. Users who choose not to disable it give TurnKey a big boost by helping the project help others.

In any case, if you're having trouble with the Apache directives it shouldn't be difficult to just disable the footer by adding a bit of CSS as I described above:

#turnkey-credit #override {
  display: none;

  To do the same from


To do the same from cli...
mv /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/substitute.conf /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/substitute.old
touch /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/substitute.conf
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart


Worked Perfectly...Thanks for the tip.


That worked wonderfully, thank you for that tip. :)

Thanks CK for the info! I

Thanks CK for the info! I appreciate the work that you guys do with these TurnKey -servers but please keep in mind that this forcing-way of spreading your message can be harmful for your success. Hopefully you change this policy and continue the good work!

Too bad! If it's about giving

Too bad!

If it's about giving credit where it's due, you yourself removed the "powered by Drupal" from this very site.  With some little persistent bug like this in the code, I'm not going to use or recommend it now for production servers, which means it won't be an accurate test server either.

If I did use it, I'd be thinking:  What other little self-serving bugs have you placed in the stack/code?  Will redirect ads start popping up on all the turnkey sites in a few months?  Have you left backdoors?  Yikes!

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Sorry you feel this way

As Liraz pointed out, the credit link is intended to help spread the word about the appliances. TurnKey Linux is a relatively new project so that's an important part of finding new users we can help. By default it's themed in a tiny font that doesn't spoil most themes.

Removing the credit link is clearly documented, and you may do so.

I'm all about giving credit

I'm all about giving credit but when I am billing a client to setup a server and or web application it looks rediculous if they can just go to your website and download a new vm :)


Its great to help development and thats why I recently bought you guys 12 beers :)




grosir aksesoris wanita

which css file should be edited?  i'm using an appliance that was initially phpbb but now has wordpress on it, as well.


thank you..

Moodle footer?

I apologize if this is listed somewhere, I honestly have looked everywhere I can think of.

Can someone please explain how the Powered by TurnKey Linux footer is removed from the Moodle installation? 

(If my employer weren't billing for this installation and requesting the removal, I would leave it!)

Keep up the great work, I shall donate to the Beer Fund my friends.



Several ways, all documented above

From what I can tell all TurnKey appliances that have the credit link insert it in the same way so there is no Moodle specific place you should need to know about. There are several ways to remove the footer, all documented above. The easiest is to simply to 'display: none' it in your CSS stylesheet.

For the precise instructions...

Look at the comments posted by Liraz and later CK. But really you should consider styling the link so that it blends into your site naturally. TurnKey is still a relatively new project. By keeping the credit link you are helping to spread the word and help people just like you find it.

How is this generated?

How is this message generated? Is it within Drupal somewhere or a directive to replace the </body> tag with the added code within Apache2? I'm curious to know; it seems a bit unsecure that an external process is modifying pages without my knowledge.

Not a security issue

I took a look at this a while back and the way this is implemented doesn't use any external processes  to modify the outgoing request. It's just a pretty simple static post-processing directive on the outgoing response done by Apache which users can can easily modify (or disable). If you read carefully you'll see this is actually documented in the above thread. It's just easy to skim over...

Word up.

Thanks Jimmy. I did indeed miss that line about disabling mod_substitute, it was a little hidden under the code box!

For those interested in the specifics, the Apache module mod_substitute is used to search and replace any pattern matched as directed. In this instance, the conf file for this directive is located at /etc/apache2/mods-available/substitute.conf. You can modify the contents of this file OR you can run this command "a2dismod substitute" to disable the module. You'll then need to restart Apache via the command "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart".

I love spreading the word and all, but I use this server to display client's websites as well as to display lots of marketing collateral. If I send someone to a static HTML page to review and approve graphics, Flash, videos, etc., it's very distracting to have this message just under what I'm trying to show off. 

Thanks for the great software. 


Perhaps this is a little too well embedded. I am trying to use the VM to run two test websites and the substitute mod is forcing its way onto my other CMS' pages. I worked for a company that makes a CMS product and we never assumed that the client will want Powered By... pasted into their design. We always asked them first. Maybe as a compromise you could put it in the standard template that comes with the CMS you are supplying.

You bring up good

You bring up good issues.

1) Your company's CMS was likely not free or was part of a paying package. Turnkey Linux (and Drupal, a CMS which does have "Power by Drupal" by default) are both free. 

2) There isn't really a standard template for most CMS. Sure, there is a default, but people oftentimes select a new theme immediately.

I agree, though, that using mod_substitute is too high powered for this goal. It's typically used in a free hosting environment, or somewhere that you're "babysitting" clients. 

Also finding and replacing

Also finding and replacing the </body> tag isn't cool. I'm sure there are instances where this could mess with someone's code.

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No default can be perfect for everyone. It's a trade off

We implemented the credit footer this way because it's the only generic solution we know of that would work across appliances. This way, it's always in the same place, so tweaking it to your liking or turning it off is just one google search away and one command line away. We're still open to other ideas though.

Note that we don't enable the credit link for all appliances, only where we figure it makes sense. For example, the LAMP stack appliance doesn't have one.

But as with any other default. It's a compromise. You can't please everyone all of the time. Every solution has pros and cons either way. If you're one of the many users who discovers TurnKey via the credit link, you might appreciate it more than if you found out about the project some other way and you're just annoyed that it needs to be tweaked a little to do exactly what you want.

Remember, as a small open source project we have limited tools for helping people discover the appliances. This is one of the most important. Users can always turn it off but we're hoping they don't. We're donating our time to help you for free and we're hoping that inspires you to pay it forward and give back by helping others.

I understand sometimes you don't have a choice and you have to remove it, in which case I hope you'll at least help spread the word about the project in some other way (e.g., word of mouth referrals, blog posts, tweets, etc.)

I found out about TurnKey Linux from the credit link myself...

I just wanted to say that the point that Liraz Siri is making is a very good one!


I personally found out about TurnKey Linux from a footer link.  I am happy that the method to remove the credit is freely posted here in the forum (which is sometimes necessary), but I also will be leaving the link most of the time I work with TurnKey.


Thanks for all the work you guys do on TurnKey Linux!  This is truly an awesome product!  I look forward to more softwares being "TurnKey-ed" such as Nagios and I look forward to turnkey moving to later versions of Ubuntu as well.  Again, this is an awesome product and "thank you".

Liraz Siri's picture

Thanks for speaking up!

It's good to also hear from people on the other side of this issue who benefited from the footer link. Glad you are finding TurnKey useful, and thanks for pitching in!

How do I achieve this step when someone is hosting my website?

I want to modify the credit on the Trust theme and I am having difficulty doing so because I can't find where the it is. Please help...

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You may need to contact your host

If you don't have full access to your server then you will have to get your host to do it for you. I'd contact them and see if they can clarify this for you.

jepit rambut

which css file should be edited?  i'm using an appliance that was initially phpbb but now has wordpress on it, as well.

thank you..

Credit footer printed incorrectly


I've just found that when you print a wordpress page using google chrome print feature that the footer prints about a thrid of the way down the page.

How to get rid of it completely!

If you have administrative access to the host and you want to completely remove the "Powered by TurnKey Linux" you simply need to delete two symlinks and restart apache.  From commandline run the following commands (Assuming you are using Ubuntu):


rm /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/substitute.conf

rm /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/substitute.load

/etc/init.d/apache restart

Thank you so much.  I like to

Thank you so much.  I like to put in a little thank you in my about page instead of every page.  A big thank you to the TKL team as well.

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Slight typo

The last line should be "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart" if using apache2, which I believe all TKL appliances use.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

Apache Restart

Or you could use the new preferred way:

service apache2 restart

removing turnkey statement in joomla 2.5

How do you remove the turnkey linux statement in joomla 2.5?  AI have tried all of the above.

make this optional please!

whilst not a big deal, it is a bit of a pain to find this support thread and remove that footer, normally you'd expect an option somewhere to disable this easily.

whilst using this way to promote your service is great (I do this myself), it's important to make it easy to remove or you'll rub some people the wrong way ;)

could you not package a little plugin within WP instead of including those files? That way you can just deactivate it in your plugins page, or not!

I'm willing to write it up for you if you'll add it, it's one file a few lines :)

just getting started with tkl but so far, am seriously impressed, well done!

Jeremy's picture

Theoretically it could be done with a plugin

But considering the range of TKL appliances then doing it with CSS seems the only logicial (and possible) way to acheive this across all appliances. The way it is makes it consistant code that can be applied across the board (rather than having a different plugin/code for each appliance).

I guess thinking further

I guess thinking further maybe that's unrelistic, but your solution is cheeky in terms of SEO and won't work for many users.

I don't mind using the solution above, but for your benefit, I'd find a way that allows users to turn it off easier. I get that it's a compromise though, you'll never please everyone...

Btw, whilst I don't want to add a link atm, I'll certainly blog about and recommend this service if it works out, it's a golden nuget for developers :)

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I think the best would be to have the Footer read....

"a Turnkey Linux appliance"  and leave it at that.

I believe it brings up security and other issues when the "name" of the appliance is given.

Changed in 12.0 builds?

substitute is not an enabled mod in 12.0 vms

adding to any template CSS does not change/remove either



Two things.I discovered TKL by a footer & where is it defined?

My two cents on this...

First, I actually discovered this project by footer too-- and I am very glad I did!  I use it for all sorts of customer and project work, it's amazing what I've been able to use it for and how much it's helped me.  And had I not seen the footer one day.... well, who knows.

My question is -- I see where and how it's declared in CSS style sheets-- but where is "Powered by Turnkey Linux" actually defined?  That is, where are those words actually set in order to be displayed?

I ask this, because I would like to continue using all the appliances for customers and projects WITH the footer in place-- but I would like to append my company to the verbiage (separate, but on same line) so that my customers see both the Turnkey credit, and my company -- that adds professionalism for my customers and work.

In other words-- what file would I go in and edit where I could keep the TKL credit and append my company name? (NOT taking any credit for the project, just having my company name on the footer noting that my company is using the project.)

Liraz Siri's picture

Usually you'll need to tweak the mod_substitute configuration

First, great to hear that you found the project through the footer. That's why we put it there!

Regarding the technical details, for many (but not all) of the LAMP stack based appliances the footer is inserted into the HTML output using the Apache mod_substitute module which we're using because it's the most generic way to insert a footer without messing with application code. Look in /etc/apache2/mods-available/substitute.conf if you want to edit it.


On 14/09/12 08:00, TurnKey Linux wrote:

Gentlemen, telling people to

Gentlemen, telling people to edit a css file is equivalent to telling people to put a flowerpot in front of the stain in the carpet.

It creates invisible text, readable by crawlers and bots-- bad juju for google.

I don't mind leaving your turnkey linux link. Setting up the server is something I cannot do, and I'm grateful to you guys that you have done it so well. I sure don't mind spreading the word. I have a few tech visitors, so who knows? Here's hoping!

but "wordpress application?" my virtual host-- despite my repeated requests to not be so kind, I can install wordpress with three clicks of the mouse, WP is famous for that-- she went ahead and saddled me with your self-congratulatory phrase. 


Ok, so thanks for this fantastic system.

Maybe it is an idea to charge money and get rid of this *&^%^&* footer thing of yours. Please try to learn marketing and you will soon understand the reason why not so many people like these kinds of footers. Not every site in the world is to reach tech geeks with tech geek stuff. Maybe it is hard for programmers to understand that they are not the only people that take use of the thing called world wide web these days, I hope this message will make you understand a glimps.

As you can see I'm pretty frustrated. I was almost ready with my site and noticed this anoying footer message. Came on this page and tried all the steps from css to the apache code named several times.

On restart apache: files not found, unable to restart.

I don't know what to do next and think about leaving this system behind. This way of working is certainly not meant for the group you are trying to reach.

It looks like you did not

It looks like you did not recreate the substitute.conf file after renaming the old one.

See this blog post for a bit deeper understanding of what exactly is going on: http://liebertee.org/2014/03/removal-of-the-turnkey-linux-footer.html.

With clickable link

where is the template

Hi All

Could you guy please show me where the .css file is that needs to be changes. I followed the steps that CK and it did not work. I must say it was a point in the right direction.

found it

digging up an old post

Just to share what worked for me:

1: nano /etc/apache2/mods-available/substitute.conf
    and put a # tag in front of each line. ctrl+o, ctrl+x to save and close.

2: service apache2 restart

3: reload page.



Reason I had to get rid of it, was because of a free template that also has a "powered by" footer hardcoded in to the php, and can't be removed. I love TKL, recommend it to all the techies I know.

Jeremy's picture

What about just disabling mod_substitute?

a2dismod substitute
service apache2 restart

Then reload page.

Not able to locate the CSS file

Could you please tell me the exact location of the CSS file?


Best Regards 

When trying to disable mod_substitute it gives module already

When trying to disable mod_substitute it gives module already disabled. 

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