MediaWiki extensions

The following are notes for testing/using some of the MediaWiki extensions that can be used with the MediaWiki appliance.
Please refer to the extensions documentation for details, no point in repeating them here...

Please see the MediaWiki Extensions doc page for further info. There is a section related to installing extensions.

WikiEditor: full-featured MediaWiki-integrated text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to edit pages.

WikEd: provides an (alternate) improved interface for editing wikitext.

Preloader: Populate new pages with template content depending on namespace

/etc/mediawiki/extentions.php is already seeded with the following MediaWiki private namespaces:

$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MEDIA ] = 'Template:Media';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_SPECIAL ] = 'Template:Special';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MAIN ] = 'Template:Main';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_TALK ] = 'Template:Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_USER ] = 'Template:User';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_USER_TALK ] = 'Template:User_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_WIKIPEDIA ] = 'Template:Wikipedia';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_WIKIPEDIA_TALK ] = 'Template:Wikipedia_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_IMAGE ] = 'Template:Image';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_IMAGE_TALK ] = 'Template:Image_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MEDIAWIKI ] = 'Template:Mediawiki';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK ] = 'Template:Mediawiki_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_TEMPLATE ] = 'Template:Template';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_TEMPLATE_TALK ] = 'Template:Template_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_HELP ] = 'Template:Help';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_HELP_TALK ] = 'Template:Help_Talk';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_CATEGORY ] = 'Template:Category';
$wgPreloaderSource[ NS_CATEGORY_TALK ] = 'Template:Category_Talk';

edit the user homepage template


create new user page (template text will "preloaded")

CharInsert: JavaScript character insert boxes used on edit type pages

create the following:


insert which ever charaters you desire (refer to MediaWiki's Edittools as a reference)

edit a page, the charaters will appear at the bottom of the page.