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Provide feedback and share your ideas

Those that have been following us on the forums know that we love receiving feedback from the community, are open to new ideas, and will help out when we can.

For ideas, feedback and suggestions the General Forums is probably the best place.

Technical assistance

If you are looking for help, please check the Documentation (it's a wiki so please also feel free to contribute) and/or use the website search (box in the top right of all website pages).

If you can't find what you are looking for, posting on the Support Forum is your best bet. You can see an overview of help options on the Help page.

Report a problem

If you have come across any bugs or issues, which are not mentioned in the community documentation, community forums, and not already an existing bug, please consider reporting it as bug (you will need to sign up for a free GitHub account). 

Contact the webmaster

If you have corrections or suggestions with the website, please email webmaster at turnkeylinux.org or report the issues on GitHub.


If you're interested in becoming a partner, we'd like to hear from you. Alternatively email jeremy at turnkeylinux.org directly.


Interested in joining the elite league of superheros that are providing fast TurnKey mirrors across the world? Learn more on the new mirror registration page.

Head Community Honcho (and all around nice guy)

Jeremy Davis <jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org> +61 497-084-807 Interview
GnuPG KeyID: 0x0C5CC21B 
Fingerprint: 6EAF 8CC7 9E00 2BA5 CE5B 4580 6D0C A24B 0C5C C21B

Core Devs / Security Contacts

Alon Swartz <alon AT turnkeylinux.org> +972 54-811-4535 Homepage
GnuPG KeyID: 0x1497B30C
Fingerprint: 4DDA B085 F876 5CD6 CCC7 BE43 C0F2 00B5 1497 B30C

Liraz Siri <liraz AT turnkeylinux.org> +972 54-201-3512 Homepage
GnuPG KeyID: 0xB06780D9
Fingerprint: 1B4D 4827 A06E 440F 74B8 8334 6DEC 96D3 B067 80D9

Postal address

TurnKey Linux
Har Sinai St 24/1
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