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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
17:45 Sat Aug 17 Hello again Jeremy: NFS Shares on Turnkey File Server
08:47 Sat Aug 17 I assume that this is a LXC container? NFS Shares on Turnkey File Server
04:05 Sat Aug 17 TBH, I'm not sure how to do this in Webmin WordPress 15.4, who edit the CronJobs ?
02:27 Sat Aug 17 It sounds like you're going to just start from scratch changing IP of WordPress VM, headbang...
10:36 Fri Aug 16 Thank you @ Jeremy Davis ! changing IP of WordPress VM, headbang...
06:12 Fri Aug 16 First up, it's a little unclear on what permission you want/need Permissions Issues and SFTP
01:49 Fri Aug 16 I suggest checking the HTTP return code changing IP of WordPress VM, headbang...
01:38 Wed Aug 14 That sounds totally reasonable Moving From The Previous Version Of Drupal 8 Appliance To The Present Version Of Drupal 8 Appliance
08:06 Tue Aug 13 Username and password for guacamole Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
02:08 Tue Aug 13 Works here...?! LAMP Apache configuration issue
01:26 Tue Aug 13 Paul replied... LAMP Apache configuration issue
04:43 Mon Aug 12 Apologies on delayed response; it should be possible Any plans for a All Media Server ?
04:37 Mon Aug 12 Hi Paul LAMP Apache configuration issue
08:58 Sat Aug 10 Hi there... What experiences are with Turnkey Linux Appliances
00:04 Thu Aug 8 turnkeylinux v15.0 Stable Release #4 - final appliance roundup
17:38 Wed Aug 7 Media server Any plans for a All Media Server ?
14:03 Wed Aug 7 Thank you! v15.x - Updated apps, plus new Redis appliance
11:25 Wed Aug 7 Thanks Björn! :) Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
10:12 Wed Aug 7 Documented and shown below Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
11:23 Tue Aug 6 Guacamol build Guacamole 9.1 Appliance