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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
10:59 Fri Jan 21 yes! works! initial password
10:07 Thu Jan 20 That solved it for me, thanks initial password
15:09 Wed Jan 19 Languages Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?
14:17 Wed Jan 19 React Native, Python Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?
09:57 Wed Jan 19 Great article, added it to my Wordpress storage expansion
01:12 Wed Jan 19 Sounds like you guys are all over it...! :) Wordpress storage expansion
01:05 Wed Jan 19 Thanks for pointing me in the Wordpress storage expansion
00:25 Wed Jan 19 no experts required Wordpress storage expansion
23:44 Tue Jan 18 I am not the Linux expert, Wordpress storage expansion
21:43 Tue Jan 18 resizefs Wordpress storage expansion
17:32 Tue Jan 18 Thanx Jeremy! i try to solve How i can delete upload files on delivers?
17:01 Tue Jan 18 16.x failure, 17.0rc1 success Bootstrap not installed
13:55 Tue Jan 18 Yeah it's included in all appliances by default Wordpress jitterentropy-rngd 100% CPU usage
10:03 Tue Jan 18 Same for CORE Wordpress jitterentropy-rngd 100% CPU usage
00:06 Tue Jan 18 Probably requires manual install? Invoice Ninja V5
23:53 Mon Jan 17 Unfortunately, I'm not sure... How i can delete upload files on delivers?
23:53 Mon Jan 17 No worrries. MOTD innaccurate on TKLX14.1 after disk resize
23:52 Mon Jan 17 im not seeing a way to update Invoice Ninja V5
23:41 Mon Jan 17 Unfortunately not... Invoice Ninja V5
23:19 Mon Jan 17 That's the wrong key. You need the Buster one! Bootstrap not installed