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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
03:59 Sun Jun 6 Further digging REDMINE: Installing plugins broke it
02:08 Sun Jun 6 missing content processmaker completed tasks staying as draft(solved)
19:09 Fri Jun 4 how is use?? Ruby on Rails Sample program startup
18:12 Fri Jun 4 Still not right New turnkey gitlab installation not working
13:57 Fri Jun 4 Attempting to use the older one New turnkey gitlab installation not working
05:41 Fri Jun 4 Hmm, there should definitely be something in /var/mail/root!? Sendmail in observium appliance not working
05:33 Fri Jun 4 Updating doesn't work... :( New turnkey gitlab installation not working
05:04 Fri Jun 4 You're right, I've confirmed the bug (Geez I hate GitLab!) New turnkey gitlab installation not working
01:07 Thu Jun 3 You should just need the DB config Newbie needs help with Mayan-EDMS
20:34 Wed Jun 2 Tightening the screws for a Newbie Looking for LAMP/Wordpress
10:28 Wed Jun 2 Thank you for your help... Newbie needs help with Mayan-EDMS
11:49 Tue Jun 1 Out of interest too, Webmin can be adjusted Domain Controller
11:00 Tue Jun 1 Domain Controller Domain Controller
10:01 Tue Jun 1 This is nice School in a Box endeavors
01:00 Tue Jun 1 I can possibly do better than that... Newbie needs help with Mayan-EDMS
00:42 Tue Jun 1 No problem at all! :) Domain Controller
00:26 Tue Jun 1 Yes, shell user is 'root', avideo UI user is 'admin' Cannot access AVIDEO login
23:05 Mon May 31 Domain Controller Domain Controller
21:23 Mon May 31 Thanks Apache caching in LAMP stack
12:01 Mon May 31 Error of myself Cannot access AVIDEO login