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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
16:35 Thu Jan 24 GitLab as LXC over VM, everything LXC Upgrading Gitlab
09:53 Thu Jan 24 Mailserver on LXC too Template listing in Proxmox
09:31 Thu Jan 24 Excellent...I am available to invest time most of next week Upgrading Gitlab
06:06 Thu Jan 24 The link to the DB manager is below the log in box. Odoo-over?
05:58 Thu Jan 24 Can't find module 'dj' Turnkey Django throwing 404 with altered django.conf file
05:43 Thu Jan 24 replies Odoo-over?
04:31 Thu Jan 24 I played around with your suggestions Turnkey Django throwing 404 with altered django.conf file
02:33 Thu Jan 24 Unfortunately not that I'm aware of. Extended ACL Support in File Server
02:24 Thu Jan 24 I would avoid manually editing the Postgres DB Odoo-over?
02:19 Thu Jan 24 Sorry missed this post Odoo-over?
02:16 Thu Jan 24 Thanks for your feedback Odoo-over?
01:45 Thu Jan 24 clean install? Odoo-over?
01:36 Thu Jan 24 I deleted the demo user Odoo-over?
00:50 Thu Jan 24 That'd be awesome! Template listing in Proxmox
00:50 Thu Jan 24 This is really old thread - we're no longer Ubuntu related Fix for apt-get: Could not resolve ''
00:26 Thu Jan 24 Awesome, thanks Tim Upgrading Gitlab
18:03 Wed Jan 23 Could not resolve '' Fix for apt-get: Could not resolve ''
10:47 Wed Jan 23 Adding Mail-server with GroupOffice as Template for turnkey/pve Template listing in Proxmox
10:01 Wed Jan 23 Followup... Upgrading Gitlab
08:52 Wed Jan 23 Not 100% sure how it will go... Upgrading Gitlab