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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
01:19 Sat Feb 22 Thanks all . I resolved that Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
22:07 Fri Feb 21 Many thanks for your tips Confconsole - Let's Encrypt
00:43 Fri Feb 21 How do you have networking configured for your LXC Nextcloud? NextCloud 15.2.1 Turnkey - Trusted_Domains issue, no access to web interface.
00:26 Fri Feb 21 Hello, NextCloud 15.2.1 Turnkey - Trusted_Domains issue, no access to web interface.
00:18 Fri Feb 21 Ok great! NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
23:39 Thu Feb 20 Solved! NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
23:36 Thu Feb 20 Good catch Bill! :) Confconsole - Let's Encrypt
22:19 Thu Feb 20 You have to access it by domain name Confconsole - Let's Encrypt
22:16 Thu Feb 20 Thanks John! :) TurnKey OTRS Version 6
22:11 Thu Feb 20 Hi Ken, have you updated to latest Confconsole? Confconsole - Let's Encrypt
21:32 Thu Feb 20 Hi Mike, we leave it disabled by intention... Observium - can't add device
21:21 Thu Feb 20 Hi there, could you please elaborate? moodle does not restor with the apache service
21:02 Thu Feb 20 "COULD NOT PING" using fresh install of version 18.9 Observium - can't add device
17:03 Thu Feb 20 OTRS v6 TurnKey OTRS Version 6
15:23 Thu Feb 20 Disable third-party tools "Your hashcash value failed. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser."
14:04 Thu Feb 20 Confconsole - Let's Encrypt Confconsole - Let's Encrypt
04:40 Thu Feb 20 Oops, sorry for my typo... NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
03:35 Thu Feb 20 Just tried to download the keys... NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
23:28 Wed Feb 19 Hi there Simple Invoices -- No PDFs
14:25 Wed Feb 19 We've rotated the keys in preparation for v16.0 release. NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F