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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
04:48 Fri Jan 24 Perhaps try resetting your admin password Media Server for Stability
02:08 Fri Jan 24 Thanks Jeremy. Yes, you're Media Server for Stability
00:12 Fri Jan 24 FWIW, I deleted your other post Media Server for Stability
00:07 Fri Jan 24 I know nothing of OMV... Media Server for Stability
07:59 Thu Jan 23 Yeah, I really wish that it gave better feedback... TKLBAM restore - stuck?
02:52 Thu Jan 23 Which docs are you having problems with? New to TurnKey? Overview in links
23:56 Wed Jan 22 update docs New to TurnKey? Overview in links
15:01 Wed Jan 22 thanks TKLBAM restore - stuck?
02:06 Wed Jan 22 Glad that it worked in the end. TKLBAM restore - stuck?
17:52 Tue Jan 21 splitting the task will help TKLBAM restore - stuck?
08:06 Tue Jan 21 Apologies on the delayed response. TKLBAM restore - stuck?
22:46 Mon Jan 20 more info TKLBAM restore - stuck?
22:27 Mon Jan 20 HI Jacob TKLBAM restore - stuck?
15:55 Mon Jan 20 Would be much appreciated Ansible Awx
06:04 Mon Jan 20 Either of those suggestions in your link should work fine How to add an "ignore depends" in a TKLDEV Package
14:10 Sun Jan 19 It's back up... Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
23:16 Sat Jan 18 Thanks Ralf - I've pinged Alon Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
15:46 Sat Jan 18 It‘s down again Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
16:27 Thu Jan 16 Heres things and then taking a break I suppose TurnKey LXC for TurnKey Beginners - Please
22:12 Wed Jan 15 Hmm, so it seems that it's not getting an interface?! TurnKey LXC for TurnKey Beginners - Please