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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
16:43 Tue Jun 23 Thanks for the quick response Adding Resources
09:55 Tue Jun 23 Did you restart Apache? Please need change port where listen owncloud
03:49 Tue Jun 23 Apologies, looks like your post got caught up in the spam filter TurnKey OTRS Version 6
03:46 Tue Jun 23 Sorry only just noticed your unpublished post... Observium ova TKL 16 not working
03:43 Tue Jun 23 Yep, that's fine! Adding Resources
15:27 Mon Jun 22 I am sorry for my late answer ASP .NET on Apache with Mod Mono not ASP.NET MVC 5
07:54 Mon Jun 22 FWIW, I just double checked the Hub logs and no errors there tklbam-backup will not run
07:33 Mon Jun 22 Ok, so you have the latest TKLBAM release for v15.x. tklbam-backup will not run
05:49 Mon Jun 22 Rebuilt/fixed OVAs should now be available via the mirror. Comparison setup Observium OVA vs Core
05:31 Mon Jun 22 Could you please copy/paste the text next time? TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
16:22 Sun Jun 21 Copied turnkey.gpg from my TKLXC box TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
16:02 Sun Jun 21 Console change and LXC appear to work TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
21:52 Fri Jun 19 Small change, but should have no effect. tklbam-backup will not run
12:20 Fri Jun 19 Excellent, thanks so much! OpenVPN Certificate download URLs
11:59 Fri Jun 19 Fixed OpenVPN Certificate download URLs
06:25 Fri Jun 19 Hi Jack, doesn't sound good! tklbam-backup will not run
06:11 Fri Jun 19 Hi Jeff, depends on what you're wanting to do?! Replacing nginx self signed cert
05:54 Fri Jun 19 Glad to hear that you got it to work, but doesn't sound ideal! OpenVPN Certificate download URLs
04:31 Fri Jun 19 Thanks for your patience. Comparison setup Observium OVA vs Core
11:55 Thu Jun 18 Ok, so just been playing and OpenVPN Certificate download URLs