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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
01:02 Tue Nov 3 [solved] - Hardened default SSL/TLS setting Hardened default SSL/TLS setting - cannot get connection to SMTP server
00:46 Tue Nov 3 Sorry for the late reply - ProjectPier error upon installation, and a fix
00:43 Tue Nov 3 Hi Jeremy,   Thanks for Debian/Samba 4.1.17 Windows permission issue
22:44 Mon Nov 2 So is/was TKLBAM working ok before? tklbam wont accept api key
19:04 Mon Nov 2 open source remote Where Bomgar, logmein, and Webex cost a fortune we need to create a remote administration console
14:18 Mon Nov 2 Informative blog with good What's the best way to do free software bounties?
01:58 Mon Nov 2 Link to the issue - contains a fix webmin tklbam restore failed
01:54 Mon Nov 2 This is a known issue webmin tklbam restore failed
23:42 Sun Nov 1 is this up to date? Mapping AWS data centers for fastest connection
02:37 Sun Nov 1 6 years later this works thanks! 'Machine not mutable' error with Fileserver VM on Virtualbox
20:14 Fri Oct 30 happy diwali posters On my Kindle I am root
18:40 Fri Oct 30 I found out the problem! As openvpn stuck on authorising...
16:16 Fri Oct 30 Doesn't work in all cases Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image
15:47 Fri Oct 30 having same problem host says SugarCRM - Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/ etc. etc.
09:00 Fri Oct 30 REVE Chat - Live Chat Plugin for Wordpress Need live chat plugin for blog
07:53 Fri Oct 30 turnkey-redmien-12.1 upgrade to 14 in one step turnkey-redmine-12.1 upgrade to 13.0
16:37 Thu Oct 29 PVE move to LXC Proxmox moving from openvz to lxc
15:15 Thu Oct 29 Postfix Question about Postfix
08:31 Thu Oct 29 TBH I don't use Webmin much Fileserver appliance(14) Webmin not working
08:08 Thu Oct 29 Sorry for slow response Can't get SSL wildcard certificate for Mediawiki to work