TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

TurnKey Core


Common Base for All Appliances

The common base system on top of which all TurnKey Linux appliances are built. It includes custom automated backup and migration software, a web management interface, automatic daily security updates, live installer, configuration console, and all other common features. Take a look at some screenshots.

Stable version: 14.0 (changelog)


  • Base distribution: Debian 8 (Jessie).
  • Build formats: Deploys on bare metal, virtual machines (e.g., OpenStack, VMWare, VirtualBox, OpenVZ, KVM, Xen) and in the cloud.
  • Smart backups (TKLBAM): Automated backup and restore, with system migration capabilities.
  • Secure and easy to maintain: Auto-updated daily with latest security patches.
  • Dynamic DNS (HubDNS): Associates your IP with a custom domain or the free *.tklapp.com domain.
  • Logical Volume Management (LVM): Instead of installing to a fixed size partition, a Logical Volume is first created by default, and this may later be expanded, even across multiple physical devices.
  • AJAX web shell (shellinabox) - secure command line access from any web browser.
  • Web management interface (Webmin):
    • Listens on port 12321 (uses SSL).
    • Mac OS X themed.
    • Network modules:
      • Firewall configuration (with example configuration).
      • Network configuration.
    • System modules:
      • Backup and migration (TKLBAM).
      • Configure time, date and timezone.
      • Configure users and groups.
      • Manage software packages.
      • Change passwords.
      • System logs.
    • Tool modules:
      • Text editor.
      • Shell commands.
      • Simple file upload/download.
      • File manager (needs support for Java in browser).
      • Custom commands.
    • Hardware modules:
      • Partitions on local disks.
      • Logical volume management.
  • Simple configuration console (confconsole):
    • Displays basic usage information.
    • Configure networking.
  • First boot initialization (inithooks):
    • Prompt user for passwords.
    • Regenerates SSL and SSH cryptographic keys.
    • Installs latest security updates, unless user chooses to defer this for later.
  • Command line power tools
    • Smart, programmable bash shell completion: helps you get more done with fewer keystrokes.
    • Support for $HOME/.bashrc.d shell hooks
    • Persistent environment variables (see $HOME/.bashrc.d/penv):
      penv-set pydoc /usr/share/doc/python2.6/html
      # later...
      cd $pydoc
  • Automatic time synchronization with NTP