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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
03:16 Mon Oct 21 Great news that it worked from scratch LXC Container / NGINX help needed
03:16 Mon Oct 21 Easiest path back to where you were: Upgrade nginx to 1.17.4
02:45 Mon Oct 21 Hey Landis! :) Answer to Q1 Clarity on TKLDEV and BuildTasks customization
00:24 Mon Oct 21 Edit the kernel parameter 'consoleblank' Screen / display blanking or off. How To?
15:51 Sat Oct 19 Hey man! I totally get where Upgrade nginx to 1.17.4
14:06 Sat Oct 19 Works fine webmin upgrade
06:25 Sat Oct 19 Thank you v15.x - Updated apps, plus new Redis appliance
02:52 Sat Oct 19 What Nginx version do you need? Upgrade nginx to 1.17.4
01:28 Sat Oct 19 SOLVED LXC Container / NGINX help needed
13:31 Fri Oct 18 Go ahead Newbie Looking for LAMP/Wordpress
03:29 Fri Oct 18 Wow - you are just amazing Dehydrated with 2 different domains
02:05 Fri Oct 18 Should be possible to use Cloudflare and Let's Encrypt Dehydrated with 2 different domains
23:01 Thu Oct 17 Thanks!  Dehydrated with 2 different domains
22:45 Thu Oct 17 Sounds like the firewall is redirecting to the wrong port LXC Container / NGINX help needed
22:38 Thu Oct 17 The wrapper script has no knowledge of varnish Dehydrated with 2 different domains
16:45 Thu Oct 17 New challenge I am trying to solve.... Dehydrated with 2 different domains
02:32 Thu Oct 17 UPDATE: LXC Container / NGINX help needed
00:42 Thu Oct 17 Thanks for the bug report gitea appliance does not install Adminer
15:09 Wed Oct 16 Nice Update Debian 7/Wheezy & 8/Jessie backports repos archived
15:07 Wed Oct 16 Next update Webmin remote exploit/vulnerability does NOT affect TurnKey