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I found all app  on 64 bit arch kindly support to download the 32 bit apps.

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It's just they default to 64 bit. Have a look at the TurnKey Linux on SourceForge.

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plz user the link for 32-bit app as x86 or i386.

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I'm trying to put your PDC on Stick to boot x86 thin client for varied home/office network. Currently it does not work becuase the PDC is 64Bit. I'm assuming using the VM install you have I can cofigure this to run on any cpu machine and then run PDC on Top. 

Its abit of a ball ache and I would gladly buy a pen with it installed and ready to go. I expect many small business (<50 people) would love the same. 

IF anyone can point me in the right direction to get this working for me now I would be very greatful.

I've looking to leave a question on the forums but alas I have not found a form for me to do this.

cheers Russ 

Big Russ

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If the price was right I think I would be a great idea....  I would definitely buy software on  a jump drive... Not only do you get the software but also a new jump-drive...   So personally I think it would LOVE the idea, so long as the price is not crazy....

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It would be nice if the links matched and version 14.0 were available as a VM instead of just an ISO.

Check your links guys and make sure you complete the process when you release something.



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I would think a USB stick would, in some cases, work.  I would think you'd need to have a couple different 'models' to support different needs, and an option to chose USB 2.0/3.0.  A low-cost drive full of ISOs should be the lowest cost.  An external HDD with all VMs and ISOs (maybe current plus last 2/3 versions) would be top of the line.  Options to order hypervisor-specific would be cool too.

That all being said, I'd really only want to purchase if there was a feature to sync my library periodically to get updates.

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I would Real-Time OS and also we can setup that as Production server. then that would be more worthfull.

also we need to intruduce CenOS 7x version, coz in development or server admin ubuntu may used very less use to various security issues. 

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As of v12.x TurnKey moved from Ubuntu base to Debian. I don't expect that we will support CentOS anytime soon...

PS I don't understand what you mean by "real-time OS" do you mean like a real-time kernel?

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