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I found all app  on 64 bit arch kindly support to download the 32 bit apps.

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It's just they default to 64 bit. Have a look at the TurnKey Linux on SourceForge.

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I'm trying to put your PDC on Stick to boot x86 thin client for varied home/office network. Currently it does not work becuase the PDC is 64Bit. I'm assuming using the VM install you have I can cofigure this to run on any cpu machine and then run PDC on Top. 

Its abit of a ball ache and I would gladly buy a pen with it installed and ready to go. I expect many small business (<50 people) would love the same. 

IF anyone can point me in the right direction to get this working for me now I would be very greatful.

I've looking to leave a question on the forums but alas I have not found a form for me to do this.

cheers Russ 

Big Russ

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As of v12.x TurnKey moved from Ubuntu base to Debian. I don't expect that we will support CentOS anytime soon...

PS I don't understand what you mean by "real-time OS" do you mean like a real-time kernel?

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