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Geronimo appliance ..?

Hi there ...

I hope everone is going well.  I had the idea that a Geronimo appliance would be a good thing to ask about.  As I'm a new bod here, I felt it might be a good way to throw the question out to the group.

Question: How would you like the Geronimo Appliance configured?

It is multi-select, so you can pick the configuration item you want.  (I don't know if others (or me either) can add options; but if you think of one, pass it on directly.)

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Would a "cluster ready" appliance be useful for you?

I needed an appliance that I could deploy, from 1 template, and have the web application connect to a local MySQL(so there is no configuration needed on the application), but use read/write to one MySQL database, a.k.a Multi-Master. Also we wanted to be able to reuse the extra hdd space on each appliance to form a HA storage volume that we could distribute across all nodes and provide redudancy of those files(also can eliminate the need for Samba to share files between appliances).

Below are the installed apps on an Ubuntu 10.04 Turnkey Image:

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Would you like to be able to set time and/or keyboard on install/firstboot

Some have suggested that it would be good to be able to select/set keyboard and/or time on install/firstboot. I know that the devs are trying to keep it simple but perhaps it would be a good idea to include this?

So the question is, do you want keyboard and/or time selection to be included in appliances as a default firstboot script?


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