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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
08:21 Tue Apr 12 Great suggestion Mark! App Suggestion - Backdrop CMS
07:52 Tue Apr 12 Sounds like a plan...! :) Upgrading PHP7.3 to 7.4 or 8
06:59 Tue Apr 12 Hi Jordi, welcome to TurnKey! :) TurnKey DC to completely replace W2088R2
05:43 Tue Apr 12 I recommend using SSH GitLab Community Edition 14.8.2 dont update
04:14 Tue Apr 12 We're hard at work on v17.0 Invoice Ninja V5
01:40 Tue Apr 12 Confconsole supports "plugins" Compilation error for "core" version
14:38 Fri Apr 1 ok thanks for the explanation Compilation error for "core" version
12:54 Fri Apr 1 Other questions... Compilation error for "core" version
12:43 Fri Apr 1 Add info and scripts to confconsole Compilation error for "core" version
12:28 Fri Apr 1 Installing applications, running commands and including files Compilation error for "core" version
12:15 Fri Apr 1 To clean the build and re-build the iso Compilation error for "core" version
18:35 Thu Mar 31 Hello, Compilation error for "core" version
14:36 Thu Mar 31 Ask me like this - or via email delete my account
14:35 Thu Mar 31 Sounds like a cool project! :) Server API
19:14 Wed Mar 30 Nothing elaborate yet Server API
11:09 Wed Mar 30 Nope there's not Server API
10:57 Wed Mar 30 Unfortunately not... Whole file system encryption in turnkey Linux
10:25 Wed Mar 30 Yeah, I probably should document how all this works a bit better Compilation error for "core" version
23:49 Tue Mar 29 I'll add that I'm using Compilation error for "core" version
17:03 Mon Mar 28 PHP Update Wordpress on 17.0 Turnkey