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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
06:52 Fri Jul 22 Just pinging the thread to Monero (XMR) node appliance
10:41 Thu Jul 21 Hi Eric, that sounds like a strange one!? Webmin Connection
08:57 Thu Jul 21 Updated script How to upgrade to V16 (bullseye) without TKLBAM?
00:40 Thu Jul 21 Turnkey Nextcloud 17.1 ISO? Upgrading PHP7.3 to 7.4 or 8
01:39 Sat Jul 16 You should be able to select SeaBIOS (aka legacy BIOS) File Server ISO will not boot
14:56 Fri Jul 15 No joy with Fileserver 16 File Server ISO will not boot
02:09 Thu Jul 14 Thanks - and sorry about the forums... Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
17:49 Wed Jul 13 Outstanding Scheduled server reboot
17:23 Wed Jul 13 edit: did according to that Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
16:55 Wed Jul 13 Manual Startup -> Systemd Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
06:33 Wed Jul 13 Sounds likely to me make screen process persistent after ssh disconnect
05:47 Wed Jul 13 Hey Rob - in a perfect world, never! :) Scheduled server reboot
02:27 Wed Jul 13 Thanks for the heads up - should be fixed now Core 17.1 download page broken
02:24 Wed Jul 13 Nice one - thanks! :) Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
06:44 Tue Jul 12 Looks like you don't have a bootstrap?! Upgrade TKLDev from 16.x t 17.x
02:23 Tue Jul 12 Aha... now I see that it's Core 17.1 download page broken
00:49 Tue Jul 12 Thank you how can Tracks 2.4.2 be updated to 2.5.1
10:49 Mon Jul 11 And here they are - netdisco install notes Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
10:25 Mon Jul 11 Hi Jeremy, Upgrade TKLDev from 16.x t 17.x
05:24 Fri Jul 8 If you can use a CLI, then you can do 90% of an appliance! Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco