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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
03:40 Tue Dec 6 Hi Raymond, welcome to TurnKey Cloud server route issue
02:22 Tue Dec 6 Hi everyone, I am resuming NextCloud 15.2.1 Turnkey - Trusted_Domains issue, no access to web interface.
22:25 Mon Dec 5 Looks good! Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
11:06 Mon Dec 5 Hi Brian, What version? Is this a new problem? Observium Draw Errors
09:03 Mon Dec 5 that worked Joomla 4 - Anything planned?
08:59 Mon Dec 5 that work subdomain on appliance
03:01 Sat Dec 3 Upgrade PHP7.3 to 8.X through Webmin & CLI Upgrading PHP7.3 to 7.4 or 8
03:57 Fri Dec 2 I was able to understand a little bit Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
17:05 Thu Dec 1 Same issue, KVM GRUB Fatal Error during fresh install with LVM disks - workaround found
19:49 Tue Nov 29 That was it!  I'm a NOOB to EspoCRM not upgrading
04:46 Tue Nov 29 Restored From Backup Let's Encrypt stopped working
03:42 Tue Nov 29 Did you run that in the web root? EspoCRM not upgrading
03:42 Tue Nov 29 Either TKLBAM (or manually transfer data) or Debian upgrade Nextcloud 17.1
03:32 Tue Nov 29 Hi there, looks like it's not serving the challenges? Let's Encrypt stopped working
03:32 Tue Nov 29 I'm not sure if the CHROOT_ONLY would matter Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
03:28 Tue Nov 29 I'm not sure, but my guess is squid has crashed Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
20:15 Mon Nov 28 Sorry, I forgot the variable CHROOT_ONLY in bashrc.d. Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
18:31 Mon Nov 28 Hello Jeremy Trying to build TKL with pi-hole
20:59 Sun Nov 27 Upgrade to v17 Nextcloud 17.1
16:25 Sat Nov 26 I was hoping, that in the [Suggestion] Pterodactyl Panel